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Renting Audiovisual Equipment


If you are renting both a room and equipment contact the appropriate campus scheduling coordinator below. If you only need to rent equipment contact the campus audiovisual technician.

  • Equipment must be ordered 24 hours before an event (no exceptions!)
  • Weekend events must be placed no later than 3 pm the Thursday before the event.
    • All weekend labor is charged at the overtime rate.
  • 7-day notice required for any operator.
  • Minimum 21-day notice required for an off-campus event.

Campus Scheduling Coordinators

Media Services Staff


PCC has three levels of fees for chargeable equipment rentals:

Non-profit rate:
 The non-profit rate is a subsidized fee schedule that acknowledges the importance of indirect and self-sustaining instructional activities. Federal ID number required.
 Profit on-campus rate:
 The profit on-campus rate schedule is based on classroom equipment operations costs to provide equipment to patrons and/or organizations.

Basic Sound System

  • Non Profit $25
  • Profit $50 (for up to 50 people)
Amplifier, speaker(s) and microphone (all cables included)
Add ons:
CD $5/$10, Cassette player $5/$10, Video Camcorder $25/$50

Enhanced Sound System

  • Non profit $200
  • Profit $400 (for up to 200 people)
Amplifier, Two speakers/ 2 monitors, up to 8 microphones (all cables included)
Add ons:
CD $5/$10, Cassette player $5/$10, Video Camcorder $25/$50 Additional speakers/monitors $25/$50

Basic Presentation System

  • Non profit $25
  • Profit $50 (for classrooms up to 50 people)
TV/DVD-VHS Playback System and Transparency Projector.
Add ons:
Cassette player $5/$10, Camcorder $25/$50, Visual Presenter $25/$50

Note: There is no internet or computer with this system.

Enhanced Presentation System

  • Non profit $200
  • Profit $400
A computer based presentation system that includes presentation software, internet connection, DVD/VHS playback and LCD projection system.
Add ons:
PowerPoint Remote $5/$10, Visual Presenter $25/$50, Camcorder $25/$50.

Individual Items

Item Non-Profit For Profit
Presentation remote $10 $20
LCD Projector $50 $100
Easel, no paper pad $10 $20
Digital Video/Tripod
(requires DVC tape)
$25 $50
35mm Slide Projector $10 $20
CD/Cassette Player $5 $10
Portable Screen 6′ $25 $50
Transparency Projector $10 $25

Hiring Technical Support Personnel

Weekend and special events technical staff are hired at a cost of $35 per hour per technician. Arrangement for staff is done through the campuses Media Services department. See above for contact information.