STEAM Camp 2018


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This free STEM camp is targeting 2018 or recent high school graduates, high school seniors, and first-year PCC students with undeclared major.

Applicants should have a strong interest in joining a career technical program at PCC in the fall of 2018 or soon thereafter. The main goal of each camp activity for participants to explore and start studying for a career in Microelectrics Technology (MT).

Selected students will receive $500 scholarships in Microelectronics Technology.

Details and schedule

  • Cost: free
  • Location: PCC Rock Creek, Building 7, Room 227
  • Dates: June 18-22
  • Time: 9am-1pm daily

Day 1, June 18: Science

Dr. Jon Briggs will introduce you to the immensity of microbiology. You’ll learn about bugs that make you sick, and how to print 3D models of some viruses and bacteria.

Math pre-test. Brain teaser exercises.

Day 2, June 19: Technology

Eng. Niels Johnson-Laird, PCC’s drone expert, will introduce you to Zippy’s flying secrets. With some training and practice, you may have the chance to control Zippy while in the air, or to ask him to launch a “cansat” that will collect some space data for you. You’ll learn how to take areal pictures with Zippy.

Math practice. Brain teaser exercises.

Day 3, June 20: Engineering

Learn how to connect neopixels on your favorite t-shirt and how to control their light. You’ll learn how to interpret an electric schematic, the concept of a micro-controller, and about the basic configuration of an Arduino platform-based computer program

Day 4, June 21: Art

Practice the art of communication in a meeting with a panel of professionals selected among PCC MT graduates and STEM scholars. You’ll learn about the rewarding microelectronics profession and the importance of having a professional mentor in your life. You’ll meet Electra, the laser that will allow you to engrave the “Fibonacci sequence” on a key chain. We’ll let you decide how much is math and how much is art in that DIY project.

Math practice. Brain teaser exercises.

Day 5, June 25: Math

“No employment can be managed without arithmetic, no mechanical invention without geometry,” said Benjamin Franklin. A day full of math problem-solving finishing with a final math test that will help you determine how close you are to being placed into MATH 95 –college pre-algebra.

Award ceremony and ”what is the next step?”