Students working on a circuit togetherStudent using a computer for writing codeClose-up of student working with circuits3D printed vaseComputer code on a screen



Schedule with days, times, and equipment available
Day Time Assistant and equipment
12-6pm Niels Johnson-Laird
MT tutor by appointment
12-5pm Dick Lovejoy
2-5pm Jon Briggs
12-1:30pm Dick Lovejoy
9am-12 noon Tony Yorba, Van To, Trung Le
12-5pm Dick Lovejoy
9am-12 noon Tony Yorba
9am-3pm Van To
“Fun lab”
9am-12 noon Michael McGovern
“Special events”
Contact Dorina Cornea

Our mission is to inspire the creators of today and tomorrow through the exploration of science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics in a collaborative setting.

Equipment available at the STEAM Lab:

  • Michelangelo the laser engraver
  • Van Gogh the vinyl cutter
  • Milly the CNC milling machine
  • 3D printers
  • Zippy the drone

Events calendar

In the news

President Mitsui with STEAM Lab students


STEAM Camp 2018

Join us for STEAM Camp 2018! This free 5-day camp is open to high school seniors, recent high school graduates, and first-year PCC students. Learn more about STEAM Camp 2018 »

STEAM-ing Friday

During our first STEAM-ing Friday event, Intel's Mihai Tudor Panu gave a presentation about the Internet of Things. View the presentation »