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Helpful Maker Links

Laser Guides and Tutorials
3D Printing
3D Model repositories
  • Smithsonian 3D Digitization online collection of 3D scans from all around the world.
  • Thingiverse The largest free 3D model repository.  Wide variety of materials.
  • PinShape Large collection of free and paid models.
  • NIH 3D Print Exchange  High detail medical models, molecular models, and a variety of lab equipment.  Some models will require editing and/or specialized 3D printing equipment to print properly.
  • NASA Models of asteroids, NASA space crafts, rovers equipment, details of lunar surface.
  • MyMiniFactory  Mostly free models, some paid.  Large collection of tested, printable models.  Extensive collection of scans of ancient art and famous landmarks.
  • Libre 3D  Small set of free models.  Primarily hobby.
  • GrabCad  Primarily models related to engineering
  • Dremel 3D Idea Builder  Small set of models with lesson plans.
  • African Fossils Collection of about 200 fossils including Hominids, animals, and tools.
  • 3D Orchard  Small collection of free models and design tutorials
CNC Router Resources
  • CNC tutorial guide Training guide for the Shopbot CNC Router at PCC Cascade (now located in the CAT Studio in TEB)
  • OpenBuilds  awesome open-source CNC projects
  • CNC Cookbook
  • VCarve Tutorials  collection of tutorials for V-carve Pro, the program used for generating tool-paths for the CNC router in the Fab Lab and CAT studio.
Sewing Resources
Vinyl Cutter Resources
Misc. Guides
Fun Tutorials
  • Available locally in the bookstore
  • Mr. Plywood local wood supply for thin plywood and veneer
  • Inventables (great for small CNC jobs)
  • TAP Plastics (local) has an awesome scrap bin for finding cheap acrylic
  • RE Claim It! local salvage scrap store on Killingsworth st.
  • plywood and acrylic available in the bookstore
  • Inventables   Laser-able materials resource
Aluminum Stock
Sheet Metal
Machinable Plastic
High Density Foam
Reclaimed Materials
Lighting/Lamp Parts

  • local powdercoating
  • local chrome finish shop
Local Fabrication Shops
  • Scientific Research Company Local fabrication company offering various services including welding & metal lasercutting (minimum orders starting at ~$45, incl. materials).
  • Pacific North Press Provides custom screenprinting, embroidery, stickers, and more!  Off of Tillamook st. in NE
Online Fabrication Vendors