Find a Source Again

Basic Steps:

  • Don’t worry. This happens to everyone.
  • Figure out what you do know about the source. Academic sources are organized in some consistent ways: by author, subject, title, etc. You can use these pieces of information to find any source again. We call these important pieces of information access points.
  • Some information about your source is very helpful when you’re searching. Pay particular attention to:
    • Title
    • Author
    • Publication
    • Publication date
    • Subject words
  • Try searching from the options below:
  • Start with the most specific piece of information you have. For books, that will be the book title. For articles, the article title.
  • If the title doesn’t work (or if you don’t have it) try the author. If that search brings too many results, add some subject terms.
  • If you have a publication date, most search tools will let you narrow to a specific date range.
That didn’t work! What now?

Ask a librarian. This happens to everyone and librarians are here to help you track down the information you need.

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