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Renew an Item

What is renewing?

If an item is due, renewing means to extend the due date for an additional checkout period.

PCC Items can be renewed for up to six weeks providing they are not on hold. Magazines and newspapers cannot be renewed. Reserves can be renewed only if there is a copy on the shelf; otherwise, they must be returned to the checkout desk for a minimum of 15 minutes.
See: Borrowing.

Renewals can be done using your account or by calling a campus library


  • Sign-in to your account
  • For a single item item or multiple items: Select the item or items you wish to renew, and choose "Renew Selected"
  • To renew all items, select "Renew All"
  • If the renewal is successful, a new due date will display under "Status" for each item
  • If the renewal was unsuccessful, messages will appear stating "Renewal Failed" and the reason the renewal could not be approved.