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Kathy Renner

Kathy Renner
BA (International Affairs), AS (Library Media Certificate)
Library Technician

I have worked in the library since 1999. While volunteering as a practicum student in the PCC Library Media Assistant program, I was so impressed and energized by the cooperative spirit and commitment to student success that I found at PCC, and especially in the library, that I didn't want to leave. I have worked in access services at Cascade, Rock Creek and Sylvania, and have had the opportunity to "get my feet wet" in technical services.

In my life away from work, I cultivate a fairly sizable garden of organically grown fruit, vegetables and ornamental landscaping. My husband and I regularly entangle ourselves in "do- it- yourself" projects. For some reason we consider this fun. When there is time and energy remaining, I relax with knitting and sewing. My goal is to add weaving to this list. There is almost always a mystery book in the stack beside my bed. We enjoy travel both near and far, the occasional modest hike, time spent with friends and family, and laughing at the antics of our two cats. Even more fun is time spent with our toddler granddaughter.