Room Reservation Guidelines

Group study rooms

  • Some group study rooms can be reserved by current PCC students, staff, and faculty.
  • To schedule a room, go to Library Rooms, select the campus, select the room, and select “Reserve now”.  At the room scheduling page, select “Submit an Event” and fill in the request form.
  • Reservations are limited to 2 hours to maximize access for all users.
  • Reservations must be submitted at least one day in advance. Same day reservations are not accepted. See staff for help in finding group space.
  • Repeat or consecutive reservations on these rooms are not accepted.
  • A group that is more than 10 minutes late loses the reservation. A single individual may not hold the room for the group.
  • If the room is not reserved, use is on a first-come first-serve basis for groups or for individual study; however, single users will be asked to relinquish the room to accommodate groups.
  • Study rooms are not sound proofed.
  • Food and drinks are welcome. Please leave the room clean and trash-free.
  • If you need to cancel a reservation or need assistance, please call or email library staff
    Amber Quinn (Cascade) | Will Parnell (Rock Creek) | Erin Petrequin (Southeast) | Debbi Lomax (Sylvania)
  • Visitors and community users can use non-reserved library rooms on a first-come first-served basis. If there is interest in reserving College rooms or venues, more information is available at Facilities Rental Information.
  • Room requests by groups or individuals, who intentionally try to circumvent the 2 hour reservation limit, will not be granted.

Library instruction classrooms

  • Library classrooms are primarily used by librarians for non-credit and credit instruction.  They are not scheduled for regular credit classes.
  • Librarians at each campus are responsible for scheduling library classrooms.
  • Requests for instructional classes taught by librarians must be made at least one week in advance.
  • To schedule library instruction, fill out the library instruction request form.
  • Trainers and instructors who wish to teach in a computer-classroom without the help of a librarian must reserve the room. No administrative network access will be available (i.e., no PCC Intranet or Banner).  You may not reserve the room more than one week in advance unless it is for library instruction.
  • Requests for rooms will be processed once each business day, Monday through Friday.
  • Library rooms are available during library open hours.
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