Earth Week

EarthEarth Week provides an opportunity to educate and mobilize towards sustainability and to empower responsibility for a clean and healthy community.

PCC’s Sustainability office has some fantastic speakers and events lined up to celebrate Earth Week this April: ethical veganism, Black Feminist Geography meets critical race feminism, a student social justice inservice culminating in the creation of a mural, and much more. Check out their events to get inspired!


Recommended websites

City of Portland Office of Sustainable Development
Find out about local green and sustainability-oriented efforts or learn how to start a “green team” at work.
Learn about the history of Earth Day and see what communities all over the globe are doing to campaign for a better quality of life and taking local environmental actions

How Stuff Works (video)
This must-watch 20-minute video explores where “stuff” comes from and where it goes when we throw it out. It provides an understanding of production and consumption patterns.

Metro: Sustainable Living
Check out the Metro Sustainable Living page for recommendations on environmentally friendly cleaning products, natural gardening, composting and getting around PDX the greenway.

If you’re looking for opportunities to participate in local volunteer activities, keep watch on the SOLV website. SOLV works on projects to enhance the livability of Oregon.

Sustainable Northwest
Sustainable Northwest (SNW) will help to keep you current on sustainability activities in the Pacific Northwest or you can join their email list and receive updates in your inbox.

Related research guides

PCC Environmental Studies Research Guide
Created by a PCC Librarian, this guide features databases, newsfeeds, blogs, videos on climate change and more.

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