ADA Compliance

PCC Library strives to accommodate users with disabilities in a variety of ways. The library actively includes considerations of ADA concerns in service provision and decision making.

  • PCC Library works closely with Disability Services in making provisions for disabled users.
  • The library provides comfortable spaces designed for wheelchair access.
  • Adaptive technology equipment is available at all libraries.
  • Library televisions  at Cascade, Rock Creek and Sylvania have closed caption translators.
  • The library purchases films and videos with closed captions or sub-titles when they are available.
  • The library lobbies vendors to increase the availability of closed caption materials by noting its preference with every video ordered.
  • The library encourages faculty to be aware of the need for closed captioning when they request the purchase of new materials.
  • The library’s website is ADA compliant and follows guidelines set forth by the U.S. Access Board

Reviewed 04/27/15
Updated  03/24/2014

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