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Mission Statement and Goals

Mission statement

PCC Library supports the college mission by providing an environment that fosters discovery, critical thinking, creativity, and innovation.


PCC Library supports the college's goals as follows:

PCC Library increases access to learning opportunities through partnerships, technology resources, and our learning environment.
PCC Library recognizes that diversity includes a multitude of differences, and we are committed to providing excellent library and information service to the community in a respectful and unbiased manner.
Quality Education
We build a culture of innovation through collaborative instructional partnerships across the curriculum. Using reflective practices, we engage in continuous improvement.
Student Success
PCC Library delivers innovative, collaborative instruction across the curriculum, fostering critical thinking and academic study. We do this through outstanding teaching, welcoming physical spaces, and an accessible virtual environment.
Economic, Workforce, and Community Development
PCC Library promotes the development of workforce capacity through information literacy instruction, job opportunities for students, and relevant resource collections that support the academic, career, and technical pursuits of our community
PCC Library is committed to sustaining the environmental, social, and financial well-being of our community: we practice and model sustainability in our daily work, business decisions, and facilities.

rev. 7/2008, 11/2011