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Library & Learning is a collection of essays by PCC librarians, library staff, and PCC faculty on engaging student curiosity and critical thinking.

Tell a good story

Can Instruction Go Viral? Making Videos That Stick

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Sara Robertson (Seely) describes the lessons she's learned while making instructional videos.

Dr. Amo DeBernardis

The Real Thing: Photos, Letters and Primary Sources

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarians can track down physical or digital versions of many primary source materials.

Alan with a friend

Research Through Travel Experience

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Alan Cordle reflects on travel as an important part of faculty professional development.

Cartoon of cat and duck. Duck: "We invoke the right of parlay." Cat: "Damn and blast, they know the code!"

Parlay and Protocol

Library & Learning, January 2014

Consider sharing a "right of parlay" when students struggle with research topics.

Cartoon of monster tearing "Peer Review" in half

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Library & Learning, January 2014

Students often ask PCC librarians for help finding peer-reviewed articles or determining if a particular article is peer-reviewed.

Boy sleeping on book

Why Do We Keep That Old Stuff?

Library & Learning, January 2014

In the days of ink and paper, those skilled in the ancient arts of indexing knew how to find secret texts.

Boy studying with headphones, laptop, and textbooks


Library & Learning, January 2014

Students must now engage with, critique, and create from many information sources at once.

Student Engagement Techniques

Student Engagement Techniques

Library & Learning, January 2014

Engaging students in the classroom has gotten tougher. For librarians, the challenge is heightened by the limited time we have with them.

Field at sunset

The Art of Browsing

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC Librarian Pam Kessinger argues that browsing is an important part of the research process.

Many arched doorways

Threshold Concepts and Student Learning

Library & Learning, January 2014

Sara Robertson (Seely), Librarian at PCC, and Amy Hofer, Coordinator, Statewide Open Education Library Services at Linn Benton Community College, dialogue about the usefulness of “threshold concepts” for teaching research skills

Black & white photo of an open book with several pages fanned vertically. Unattributed and used courtesy of Creative Commons.

To Read

Library & Learning, January 2014

Why read a book? How? When to quit on a book? A librarian shares her personal tips.

The Courage to Teach

Leaners or Lifters?

Library & Learning, January 2014

In groups focused on a common goal, there is often shared leadership, where designated leaders are essential. But so too are supportive people, who help others be recognized and lift up their ideas and efforts.

The Shallows

This Is Your Brain

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Stephanie Debner reviews literature that suggests the web puts our brains in a state of cognitive overload and impacts our ability to read deeply.

Woman holding sign that reads "Wikipedia is a valid source." Second woman holding sign reading "Citation Needed."

Teaching Citations

Library & Learning, January 2014

As librarians, we field questions like this regularly. Students constantly struggle with the issue of citation. For too many, it’s another pointless hoop they’ve been asked to jump through. They do not understand what the purpose is and they are bewildered by the seemingly meaningless requirements of each different system.

Metaphors Dictionary

Etymology, Ethology, but not Entomology

Library & Learning, January 2014

As animals evolve strategies to appeal to us, or protect themselves from us, our language is enriched by our observations of their behaviors and appearance.

Learning Styles Research

Learning Styles Research Stirs Debate

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Pam Kessinger discusses recent research about the effectiveness of matching teaching style to learning style.

Databases – They Are Not Just For Articles

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC Library has databases that talk, translate, and cite articles, as well as databases full of art images and videos.

Learner-Centered Teaching

Resources for Strategies on Learner-Centered Instruction

Library & Learning, January 2014

Greg Kaminski recommends resources to explore current teaching strategies that revolve around learner-centered instruction.

Reading the Newspaper

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Tony Greiner describes how to find current and past Oregonian articles in paper and online.

E-Books and Student Learning

Library & Learning, January 2014

The momentum towards e-reading is unwavering, and the eventual dominance of electronic course materials feels inevitable. What does this mean for student learning?

Desire 2 Learn Research Support

Library & Learning, January 2014

PCC librarian Robin Shapiro explains how the Research Support widget in Desire2Learn introduces online learning students to library services.

Roll Call

Library & Learning, January 2014

Getting undergraduate students involved is a matter of two things: great faculty-student interaction and greater student-student interaction. Both start with knowing each other's names.

School Fish

Peer Learning and Reflection to Improve Teaching

Library & Learning, January 2014

Instructors don’t have to struggle alone. Whether you have a single trusted colleague or a true community of practice that meets regularly, you can find ways to build a practice of reflection and peer learning around instruction.

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