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Tuition for F-1 International Students

Tuition for Academic Classes

$251/credit (+fees)

12 credits credits per term

  • 12 x $251 = $3,012 (+fees)

Tuition for ESOL Program

$216/credit (+fees)

12-15 credits per term

  • ESOL levels 1-3 = 12 credits each term
    • 12 x $216 = $2,592 (+fees)
  • ESOL levels 4-5 = 4 credits for each class (minimum of 12 credits)
    • 12 x $216 = $2,592 (+fees)
  • ESOL levels 6-8 = 5 credits for each class (minimum of 15 credits for levels 6 and 7 // minimum of 12 credits for level 8)
    • 15 x $216 = $3,240 (+fees)


View the tuition and fees page for more information.

Mandatory fees Rate Comment
Technology fee $5.30 per credit Supports staffing, classroom technology, libraries, and distance learning.
Student activity fee $3.40 per credit Supports student government, staffing, intramurals, and child care.
Distance learning fee $20 per course Covers online course development, instructor training, online advising and success facilitators.
Lab fees Up to $45 per course Covers materials, supplies, and equipment. See fees in the class schedule.
College service fee $15 per term Supports transcripts, graduation, application, and book lockers.
Transportation fee $8 per term Supports transportation master plan and TriMet subsidies.

Ways to Pay Tuition

View the ways to pay page for more information.

When to Pay Tuition

View the payment due dates page for more information.

  • New students — International students who are entering their first term at PCC (and who participate in all parts of Orientation Week) are given a grace period to pay tuition. The deadline for them is the first day of classes.
  • Continuing students — International students in their 2nd term and beyond must pay tuition at the same time as all other students. Payment is due two weeks before the first day of term. If you enroll after that date, payment is due immediately. Bills are issued beginning three weeks before the term.

Required Financial Resources

The chart below shows ESTIMATES of the MINIMUM expected expenses for an academic year (3 terms) for an F-1 student (with no dependents) taking 12 credits per term. Actual expenses may vary. Tuition and fees are subject to change.

Expenses Academic Year (9 months)
Tuition $9,036

includes but not limited to Student Activity fee of $3.40 per credit, Technology fee of $5.30 per credit, College Service fee of $15 per term, and Transportation fee of $8

Books and Supplies $550
Medical Insurance $1,200
Food and Lodging $7,600
Transportation $450

The chart does not include personal expenses. An F-1 student with no dependents should calculate at least an additional $500 per month for personal expenses. An F-1 student with dependents should calculate additional personal expenses.

Health Insurance

Click here for details about PCC Health Insurance requirements for F-1 students.