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International Application

We are pleased that you are considering Portland Community College to further your education. This application and checklist should give you the basic information you need for admission to our college. PCC is a multi campus college with centers in various locations around the Portland, Oregon area. PCC has four campuses: Rock Creek, Cascade, Sylvania, and Southeast.

Housing and transportation

Learn more about housing and transportation.

Application deadlines:

Learn more about application deadlines.

Online Application Admissions Checklist

  1. Please complete the entire form.
  2. Pay the $50 (USD) non-refundable application fee by Visa/MasterCard. This online application can be completed only with a Mastercard or Visa. If you do not have a credit card, please download the application or contact the Office of International Education to request an application.
  3. Submit Proof of Finances = A bank statement or bank letter showing a current balance of at least $18,000 USD. It must be in English. It must be dated within 6 months of the beginning of the term.
  4. Submit Transcripts = Your grades or graduation certificate. Your grades or graduation certificate must be in English. If you are currently attending a college or university, you do not need to submit high school transcripts.
  5. Submit your Passport Photo Page = The page in your passport with your full name and date of birth.
  6. If transferring from a school in the U.S., you must also submit the following documents:
  7. Additional documents (for example: Proof of Finances, Transcripts, Passport Photo Page, PCC Transfer Information Form, etc.) can be submitted by:
    • email to international@pcc.edu, OR
    • in-person at the Rock Creek Campus, OR
    • by fax 971-722-7170, OR
    • by mail

    Our mailing address is:
    Portland Community College
    Office of International Education
    Building 3, Room 223
    Rock Creek Campus
    17705 NW Springville Road
    Portland, OR 97229


Call 971-722-7150 or email the International Education Office or check our website.

Personal Information
Name (as printed in passport):

Important: Under P.L. 93-579,Sec. 7(a)(1), disclosure of a Social Security Number is voluntary. It is used for identification purposes only. If you object to the use of the Social Security number, an alternative ID will be issued by PCC. For more information, see how PCC uses your number
Month Day Year (YYYY)
Marital Status:

Will you have dependents who need F2 visa to accompany you to the US?

U.S. Mailing Address (address within the U.S. if you have one):

Home Country Mailing Address:

Are you living in the U.S.?
If yes, what is your current U.S. immigration status?

Have you previously attended PCC?

Term you plan to begin:

Where would you like your I-20 and acceptance packet sent?

Agency/Advising Center Mailing Address:

Emergency Contact

Person to be notified in case of an emergency (either in the U.S. or abroad)

How did you hear about Portland Community College?
Please check all options that apply and provide details such as the web address or agency name in the details box below.


Will you have completed secondary/high school before starting your program at Portland Community College?
If yes, please provide the date of your actual or estimated high school graduation.

Have you attended a school in the U.S.?

If you are currently studying at a school in the U.S., do you plan to leave the U.S. before starting your program at PCC?

List all previous secondary/high schools, colleges, universities and ESL programs that you have attended. Begin with most recent.

(Mo/Year) to (Mo/Year)
(Mo/Year) to (Mo/Year)
(Mo/Year) to (Mo/Year)

What is your educational goal at PCC?

English Proficiency

No Proof of English proficiency or TOEFL score is required. After arriving at PCC, you will take an English language placement test. The results of this test will place you in the appropriate English level.

If you have successfully completed a college level writing class at another institution in the US, you must submit official transcripts directly to our office.

Health Insurance

International students are required to have health insurance with Firebird Insurance Group through PCC only. Other insurance plan or coverage will not be accepted by PCC. You will be required to purchase health insurance every term that you are a student at PCC, even if you are on vacation term.

You may request information for Firebird Insurance Group to be mailed to you or view it online. Please send insurance information request to Admissions Coordinator or you can view it at www.fiig-insurance.com.

Financial Responsibility

Statement of Financial Responsibility

Please note that schools are required to verify that international student applicants have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living costs before issuance of an I-20. The estimated amount for one academic year (9 months) at Portland Community College is $18,000. In submitting your application, you also agree to all student policies governing your enrollment with the college.
  • Documents must be dated within 6 months of the beginning of the term.
  • Documents must be on the bank's official letterhead.
  • Funds may be either in US dollars or your country's currency.
  • In certain circumstances, we may request additional information or documents.
  • Documents must be in English.

These amounts are subject to change without prior notice. The student should be prepared for any adjustments in expenses and also must be prepared to pay all tuition and fees in full as well as charges for living expenses at the time of registration. Visa or MasterCard accepted.

Students with Dependents: An additional $2,500 per child and $3,500 for spouse should be added to the above total.

Other Expenses: You are expected to have an emergency fund of $650 to $850, as well as enough funds to support yourself during summer term whether or not you will attend school, and to travel home or around the United States.


How will you pay for your tuition and living expenses?

If you have a sponsor please provide the following information.

(For example: father, mother, or sister, etc.)

Portland Community College requires certification and declaration of adequate financial support from applicants with student visas. This statement must be on file before admission will be considered. A bank letter showing the following information must be submitted as part of your application:

  • name of account holder
  • account number and type (checking/savings/money market, etc)
  • date statement was printed
  • current balance must be at least $18,000 USD

This must be signed and dated by a bank official and should be on bank letterhead. This statement must show that you or your sponsor have a minimum balance of $18,000 (U.S. dollars) available for your first year of study at Portland Community College.

If you are currently studying at a U.S. School, please ask your international student advisor to complete the PCC Transfer Information Form (PDF format).