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Performance Assessment Process Guides, Reporting and Frequently Asked Questions

Process Guides

MyCareer@PCC Process Guides

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PASS Process Guides

Review the process guides below for instructions:


Performance Assessment Banner Reports

Frequently Asked Questions

When do assessments that are due appear in myCareer?

Assessment will show up in MyCareer 90 days before the assessment is due. Data gets populated in MyCareer 90 days in advance from Banner.

How long do they stay there if they are not completed by the due date?

Assessment tasks will stay in MyCareer. Deans & Directors will get email reminders for 4 months after the due date. Timelines for reminder are as follows:

  • Assignment Notice which is 90 days before the due date
  • 30 day reminder
  • 1 week reminder
  • 1 Day after due date
  • 1 week after
  • 2 weeks after
  • 1 month after
  • 2 months after
  • 3 months after
  • 4 months after
  • Completion notice is sent after the assessment cycle and all signatures are complete
Can I request an extension of an assessment due date?

Yes. Please send a request to EmployeeAssessmentHelp@pcc.edu with the employee’s name and the new due date. For employees that are transitioning from probationary to continuous appointment their assessments need to be completed by the end of May to be on the June board report.

Is it possible for our IAAs to have access to this as well? What pieces would be possible for this?

Two reports in Banner, PWRFTFA for full time faculty and PWRPTFA for Part Time Faculty, show completed and upcoming assessments. Employees that have Banner access will be able to run these reports.

Do you have a question not answered here? Reach out to EmployeeAssessmentHelp@pcc.edu for assistance.