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Computer Lab Assistant

  • Title: Computer Lab Assistant
  • Category: Classified
  • FLSA: Non-Exempt
  • Grade: 14

Job Summary

Under the technical direction of a Computer Lab Coordinator/Campus TSS Team Manager, ensures that students have access to and assistance in the use of computer technology.

Typical Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Acts as an on-site resource to individual students and groups accessing computer technology; helps familiarize students with software; assists students in registering for classes, completing assignments, and orients students to the laboratory.
  2. Opens and/or closes the computer lab and provides for the general cleanliness, safety and security of the laboratory area. Reports maintenance problems to the Service Request Center as they occur.
  3. Enforces procedures for the use of the laboratory area and the use of equipment, supplies, materials, software, hardware and peripherals.
  4. Troubleshoots and diagnoses basic problems with computer equipment. Performs minor maintenance and repair on equipment, as necessary. Refers problems to the Computer Labs Coordinator or Help Desk if unable to resolve.
  5. Responds to questions from students, staff, and instructors with information relating to the computer laboratory, both over the phone and in person.
  6. Maintains records of activities undertaken in the computer lab which includes tracking the number of students utilizing the lab, determining what class students are taking and how much paper is used by students.

Positions in this classification may perform all or some of the responsibilities above and all positions perform other related duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

High school diploma or equivalent.  Must also have one year of training in computer technology either through direct experience working with the technology or by completing courses designed to provide troubleshooting skills and use of MS Office applications.

Knowledge of:

Computer equipment and related software; recordkeeping procedures.

Ability to:

Provide assistance and problem solve a variety of basic computer related issues; enforce policies and procedures and maintain a positive customer service environment.

Work Environment and Physical Requirements

Work is typically performed in an office/laboratory environment and exposure to video display terminals occurs on a regular basis.  Changes in the performance environment require occasional upgrading of skills. May be required to interact with angry or disruptive students.

Learned physical skill is required for keyboarding and ten-key functions.  Some physical skill required to lift and work on equipment that may be located in tight and poorly lighted spaces, such as under desks and workstations or other confined areas. Lifting and moving of computer components and peripherals weighing between 40 and 90 pounds.

Reviewed: 12/18

  • New: 3/27/06