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AutoCAD/BIM System Administrator

Title: AutoCAD/BIM System Administrator

Class: Classified

Exempt Status: Non-exempt

Grade: 25

Nature and Scope of Work

Under the direction of the Managing Architect, administer systems, system standards and system outputs related to Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD), Building Information Model (BIM) and project management software for active design and construction projects, district-wide college operations and archival purposes.  Performs CAD assignments to create, modify, organize and maintain program documents and drawings.  Uploads and downloads document/drawing files to and from program software and hosted storage sites.  Works with internal and external requesters to develop document management and program information standards for managing and storing electronic and paper copies of drawings, specifications, and other project-related documents.

Principal Accountabilities

  1. Develops PCC standards and best practices for document files.  Works collaboratively with architectural and engineering consultants and internal college users to implement those standardized file formats.  Organizes and maintains the inventory of all electronic drawings by project and campus.
  2. Functions as the system administrator and user of the CAD and BIM software.  Some positions may function as systems administrators for project management software.  Provides user access to program software and electronic storage sites for internal/external requestors.  Responsible for installing, configuring, maintaining and troubleshooting program specific software.  Works with other departments to assure compatible and interactive exchanges of information.
  3. Utilizes maintenance and project management software to coordinate the collection and sharing of drawings, specifications, operations and maintenance manuals, correspondence, financial information and other project-related information to ensure timely reporting of information to program management.
  4. Operates CAD and BIM software to create, update and maintain electronic drawing and documents.
  5. Develops use of BIM tools and relational databases to support information for space inventory, reports and other college uses.
  6. Develops tools for site maps, evacuation maps, various versions of campus maps and other visual representations of college buildings and properties.
  7. Works with electronic document storage vendor to organize and maintain document/drawing files for bid sets for contractors.
  8. Assists management in preparing graphical information and reports for project analysis and/or implementation.
  9. Performs other related duties as assigned.

Work Environment

Work is performed in a standard office environment.  Exposure to video display terminals occurs with varied frequency.

Physical Requirements

Learned physical skill is required for using computer aided drafting applications/equipment.

Minimum Qualifications

Associate’s degree in Drafting Technology. Relevant experience may substitute for the degree requirement on a year-for-year basis.  Five years of progressively-more-responsible drafting experience with an architectural focus or equivalent, including three years of systems administrator experience.  Working knowledge of CAD and BIM software and database management software required.

Knowledge of:  Architectural design and construction practices; building codes, ADA standards and jurisdictional requirements; methods for organizing design and construction documents including documents generated by architects, engineers and other consultants; bidding documentation; project manuals; specifications; operations and maintenance manuals; surveys and other legal and pertinent documentation for facilities construction, remodel and maintenance and 3-D modeling; mathematical concepts.

Ability to: Effectively and clearly communicate verbally and in writing; establish and maintain File Transfer Protocol site; provide basic desktop support skills; import and export files electronically and track information between multiple systems; effectively prioritize work requests; multi-task and effectively use time management skills; use critical thinking skills to analyze, troubleshoot, diagnose and repair computer system problems.

Reviewed: 12/2018

Revised: 7/2011

Revised: 9/2010