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Take 5: Critical Race Theory Toolkit

Portland Community College aspires to become an institution of higher education that operates with the theory of social justice as part of its foundation, mission and values. We are taking intentional steps as an institution, to make PCC a more inclusive, welcoming learning and working environment.

In 2014, we adopted a strategic plan that encourages the use of Critical Race Theory (CRT) as part of our business practice and policy-making. CRT is both a paradigm and a practice that challenges dominant systems on race, racism, and inequality. CRT asks us to examine how and why practices and policies were created – and whom they ultimately serve – as a means of challenging institutionalized forms of oppression.

The following tools and resources are a result of the District Leaders of Diversity Council looking at intentional ways to make CRT part of our every day learning and work here at PCC. As shorthand for examining our practice, based on CRT, we ask you to “Take 5” – to take a moment to pause and reflect on the intention, identities and the beneficiaries of the proposed action.

The CRT “Take 5” process incorporates the five major tenets of CRT and makes them more accessible to PCC’s current operational model. Whatever your role at the college may be, we encourage you to engage fully with this practice and to “Take 5” as you make decisions on behalf of PCC, its students, staff, and stakeholders.

“Take 5” CRT Toolkit