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The Betty and Richard Duvall Scholarship


Established in 2013 at the PCC Foundation, the Betty and Richard Duvall Professional Development award is dedicated to supporting full-time faculty in the pursuit of their professional goals to bring learning and innovation into the classroom.

Dr. Betty Duvall spent most of her distinguished career as a community college administrator. Upon completing her Ph.D. in Higher Education from St. Louis University, she worked as Dean of Instruction at St. Louis Community College, Florissant Valley. She went on to serve as Executive Dean (now called Campus President) of Portland Community College’s Rock Creek campus from 1989 to 1994, leading the campus during an important time of expansion. In 1994, she was appointed as the Community College Liaison in the U.S. Department of Education, becoming the first person ever to hold that position. She then joined the faculty of Oregon State University, where for 10 years she taught for and led the Community College Leadership Program and its efforts to promote graduate education and professional development to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. She retired in 2006 as a Professor Emerita.

All full-time faculty are eligible to apply with preference given to those who have completed their probationary period. Applications require inclusion of faculty member’s current professional development plan.

Award use:

Award funding is to be used to support full time faculty reach their goals as expressed in their professional development plan. Funding can be used for all professional development activities, except for tuition and fees for graduate studies and coursework. Funds cannot be used to reimburse employees or the college for expenses that were incurred before the award date.

Application evaluation criteria

  • Completeness, reflection and innovative thought/ideas
  • How well the application is aligned to the professional development plan and achievement of goals
  • Impact on teaching and quality instruction
  • Impact on student learning and classroom engagement
  • How the endeavor will measure its success
  • Plan for sharing experience with the PCC community


Applications are accepted once per year in the Spring. Fill out the application and submit it to the Office of Professional and Organizational Development.