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HARTS (Humanities and Arts) Council

The HARTS Initiative is guided by the Humanities and Arts Council, a District-wide committee of faculty and staff members from across disciplines. Below is a list of current members.

HARTS Council Members:

Andrew Cohen, Chair, English-Sylvania

Alison Apotheker, English, Rock Creek

Martha Bailey, Philosophy, Cascade

Elizabeth Bilyeu, Art-Cascade

John Farnum, Philosophy-Sylvania

Hannah Love, Philosophy-Rock Creek

Andrea Lowgren, History and Women’s Studies-Cascade

Billy Merck, English-South East

John Mery, Music-Sylvania

Melissa Manolas, English-Rock Creek

Porter Raper, English-Cascade

Prudence Roberts, Art-Rock Creek

Elissa Minor Rust, English-Rock Creek

Julianne Sandlin, Art-Sylvania

Kristine Shmakov, World Languages-Sylvania

Patrick Walters, English-Sylvania

Christine Weber, Art-Sylvania

Vandoren Wheeler, English-Sylvania

Stephanie Whitney-Bradley, World Languages-Sylvania

Administrative Liaisons:

Angie Berdahl, DIvision Dean, Arts and English-Rock Creek

Gene Flores, Division Dean, Visual and Performing Arts-Sylvania

Sarah Tillery, Division Dean, Engineering and Technology-Sylvania

If you would like to get involved with the HARTS Council, please contact Andrew Cohen at andrew.cohen@pcc.edu.