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Proposal submission process

Step 1

Grants Office identifies a grant opportunity

  1. Assigned Grants Officer researches funding opportunity and creates a Grant Opportunity Synopsis.
  2. If department or campus-specific, Grants Director forwards synopsis to appropriate Executive Officer and faculty or administrator.
  3. If college-wide or potential for multiple campuses to pursue, bring to appropriate leadership for discussion and consideration.


Interested individual or department contacts Grants Office with project idea or grant funding source

  1. Interested individual or department fills out the grant need summary survey and obtains administrator approval.
  2. Grants Office researches project idea or possible funders. Assigned Grants Officer creates a Grant Opportunity Synopsis.
Step 2
  1. Lead faculty, staff and deans meet with Grants Office to discuss grant idea and funding opportunities.
  2. Grants Office invites stakeholders to participate in grant development team with assigned Grants Officer.
  3. Lead Grants Officer works with development team to develop project design and budget. Lead Grants Officer writes grant and works with team to edit grant proposal. Director reviews final proposal materials.
  4. Grants Office obtains final approval from Cabinet and Contract and Grant Accounting and gets final documents signed by the College President.
  5. Grants Office submits grant proposal to funder.

For a more visual version, view the Grant Development Flow Chart.

What others are saying about us

"We have much more than grant writing assistance at PCC – We have a manager and a team of writers who help faculty develop new ideas. HUGE difference and a big success – and a detail for which that the Grants Office should be recognized."

– PCC Division Dean