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2019-20 Memorial Gifts

The following honor roll of donors recognizes gifts made in memory received between July 1, 2019 and June 30, 2020.

We make every effort to maintain an accurate list. If you find an error, please let us know by calling 971-722-4382 or emailing pccfoundation@pcc.edu.

* denotes deceased

In Memory of Russel L. Abraham
Kyle Dittmer

In memory of Robert Barbara
Leboeuf & Biasotti, Inc

In Memory of Lon & Lucille Barton
Clayton C. Gilly

In Memory of William & Florence Barton
Clayton C. Gilly

In Memory of Linda Bastian
Ilga and Ronald Ross

In Memory of David O. Bersaas
Patricia R. Hills

In Memory of Ted Boone
Patricia Ball

In Memory of Kathleen Bradach
Joel Bradach
Mary P. Callahan
John and Evelyn Hanna
Candace K. Sander

In Memory of Gwendolyn Brewer
Micah F. Jordan
Jeffrey Josifek `96 and Alisha Josifek `00

In Memory of Jean L. Buck
Deborah A. Hall

In Memory of George Burgermeister
Melvin C. Donald and Patricia D. Hogan
Gary and Lisa Kotecki

In Memory of Raleigh C. Butterfield

In memory of April Carter Schiavo
Anonymous (3)
Susanne Baumann
Kathrine M. Benton
Marietta T. Bowman
David Ciolek
Cheryl Crawford
Evan M. du Pont
Joseph T. Fuetsch
Kimberly Goldberg
Sue S. Graves
Jody McCormick
Juliette K. McNiven-Perry
Brook Mertz
Ryan Misjan
Denise Moore
Julie Resk
Cindy Rothe
Friends of April Carter Schiavo
Julia B. Sarver
Scott W. Steinbrueck

In Memory of Becky Cheng
Amy S. Boehnke
Michael C. Hunter-Bernstein
Brenda M. Scotton
Frank E. Smith

In Memory of Aileen Clarke
Senior Studies Institute

In Memory of Marilyn Cooper
Larry P. Cooper
Julie Kazzimir

In Memory of Sam Culham
Terry L. Cooper `82
Esther Sullivan and David Floerchinger

In Memory of Joan Dalla
Mary Dalla and Joan Fetter

In Memory of Dr. Amo and Jessie DeBernardis
Charmaine Lindsay

In Memory of Duncan Doherty
Terril J. Doherty `12

In Memory of Roger O. Doyle
Kay L. Doyle

In Memory of  Sheila Edwards-Lienhart
Joan Cirillo and Roger A. Cooke – Circo Family Charitable Fund
Edwards Lienhart Family Foundation

In Memory of John L. Evans
Anonymous (2)
Sarah K. Elsasser
Patricia A. Hill
Michael W. Morrow

In Memory of Deborah Evind
Janice I. Abushakrah, Ph.D.
Jessica P. Almroth `08
Traci Boyle-Galestiantz
Alan D. Cordle Villegas
Jeannie E. LaFrance
Joy D. Strand

In Memory of Ethlyn Potter “Lynn” Fromme
Debra A. Persen

In Memory of Ladd W. Graham
Bart A. Grabhorn `18

In Memory of Jon Grove
The Henig Family

In Memory of Martin Haney
James Haney

In Memory of Roy and Irene Hassert
Irene M. Hassert Charitable Lead Annuity Trust

In Memory of Richard H. Helzer
Elizabeth A. Bilyeu and Timothy King
Cheryl and Lawrence Scott

In Memory of Bill Hilderbrand
Gaye Hilderbrand

In Memory of Casey Holland
Kate Kinder/The Career Pathways Team
Michelle R. Parr

In Memory of Omar Horani
Jennifer A. de Laix
Laura and Samer Horani
Cynthia C. Thornburgh

In Memory of Linda Huddle
Regina G. Davis-Cainion and Andrew Cainion
Kerin and Joris Lommen
R. Steven Mullinax and Bonnie Messinger
Martha Jo Muncie

In Memory of Alice Jacobson
Gertrude Bernstein and Ed McVicker
Reva A. Leeman
Daniel R. Saltzman and Liz Burns

In Memory of Patrick T. Judge
Maureen Judge-Morris

In Memory of Judge and Mrs. Jesus S. Loanzon, Sr.
Emmeline V. Loanzon `98

In Memory of Doreen S. Margolin
Jean and Ray Auel
Melanie A. Nelson
Tracy L. Walstead

In Memory of Clementine McQueen
Charles Siegfried `99 and Heather Siegfried `97

In Memory of Frank McVitty Jr.
Peggy J. McVitty

In Memory of Tsurue Morimoto
Penny and Bruce Thompson

In Memory of Kimberly R. Neal
Hannah C. Six

In Memory of Robert V. Palmer
Shirley J. Palmer

In Memory of Fran Pelinka
Charley and Mary Jane Culver
David L. Pelinka `86

In Memory of John and Dorothy Persen
Debra A. Persen

In Memory of Carl Piacentini
M. Kay Piacentini

In Memory of Erich Porshman
John C. Mery

In Memory of Ann K. Rasmussen
Jessie and Phil Hammond

In Memory of Linda Reisser
Jacqueline G. Bacon
Alanna K. Brown, Ph.D.
Carol L. Fishburn
John and Ronée Kennedy
Pamela McLean
Deborah A. Peterson
Paul Reisser, M.D. and Teri Reisser
Meryl Shapiro Rogers
Julia and William Schaw
Susan L. Wilson `86

In Memory of James A. Ritchie
Theresa L. Belanger
Dawn and Ty Bettis
Taylor L. Bradley
Contract Furnishing Mart
Amy K. Delaney
Joan and Kevin Dilla
Karen D. Ewing
Lynette Garbarino
Nancy Gilpin
Karen J. Hawley
Lori Hinkle
Kay Hopkins
Michele Lawler
Judy Lenhart
Andrew R. Long
Trisha L. McPherren
Sandra and Frank Nisbett
Robert and Elaina Ritchie
Roberta Ritchie
Victoria L. Sparks

In Memory of Gwenn Schultze
Patricia and Jack Semura

In Memory of Patty Jeanne Semura
Maryanne T. Azdine
Cherise Frehner Mahoney
Katherine Hamada-Kwock
Kim Kono and Randy Choy
Kathryne J. Nadal
Merle and Tom Noguchi
Lois Rauch Gibson
Caroline S. Richards
Patricia and Jack Semura
Penny and Bruce* Thompson

In Memory of Carol Squire
David C. Squire

In Memory of MarJean and Roy K. Stave
Patricia and Jack Semura

In Memory of Julius Stokes
Johnnie M. Stokes
Belva I. Seaberry

In Memory of JoAnn M. Thomas
Denise A. Roy

In Memory of Marie H. VanDomelen
Gary and Juneann Taylor
Mark A. VanDomelen `03

In Memory of Sarah Kathryn Vogt
Terry and Maryal Hunt
Mary Ellen Miller
Kristen N. Simpson
Thomas and Karen Stahr
Kelly A Zusman

In Memory of Gregory T. Wentworth
Mary McKinney Ezell & Flay Ezell Fund of the Wentworth Foundation
Kathleen A. Wentworth
Wentworth Foundation

In Memory of Nancy Winbigler
Nancy K. Anderson
Sarah O. Barrett
Diedre C. Cain and Pedro Bastida-Gomez
Katherine E. Carney
Jim Hendershot
Trina C. Hing and Peter Debotton
Dan D. Kogan
Louise J. Kurzet
Reuel Kurzet
Jill P. Nicholson
Thach V. Nguyen
Karen and Ross Sanders
John S. Sparks
Susan L. Sonneborn
Joanna D. Sullivan
Dr. David F. Stout and Sue Ann Higgens

In Memory of Majorie Wolfe
Kirke Wolfe

In Memory of Robert E. Wright
Porter G. Raper

In Memory of Alma Zamudio
Katya Reyna

In Memory of Min Zidell
Zidell Family Philanthropy