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2019-20 Amo DeBernardis Legacy Society

Dr. Amo DeBernardis, or “Dr. De” as he was known at the college, served as PCC’s founding president from 1961 until 1979 when he retired. His vision, access to higher education for all, guides our work still today and many of his founding concepts are still integral to PCC’s mission. 

Donors who remember the PCC Foundation through a bequest, life income plan or other type of planned gift, whether intended or received, become members of the Amo DeBernardis Legacy Society, named in honor of the college’s first president. 

We thank this group for their thoughtful generosity.

If you have named PCC in your will or estate and would like to be listed in our Legacy Society or if you’d like to learn more about designating PCC as a beneficiary, please contact our office at 971-722-4382.

We make every effort to maintain an accurate list. If you find an error, please let us know by calling 971-722-4382 or emailing pccfoundation@pcc.edu.

* denotes deceased

Anonymous (12)
James and Janet Aalberg
Russel L. Abraham*
JoAnn Albrecht
Florence Anderson*
Archie* and Muriel* Averill
David and Jean Avison
Susan K. Bach and Douglas Egan
Dr. Patricia J. Baker
Elizabeth Barnes*
Peter and Dana Bauer
Nancy G. Bennani
Mollie Bihn* Trust
Cami Bishop and Bill Edwards
Mabel Bliss*
Robert Bloodworth*
Belford F. Buck*
Cheryl A. Burgermeister
Howard A. Butzer and Robert O. Wimmer
Leonard D. Cain
Robert C. Candello
Ugo and Sonia Carpentieri
Dr. Howard Cherry*
Jan D. Coulton
Mary K. Dalla
Anita H. Dawson*
Dr. Amo DeBernardis*
Fred DeWitt*
Ms. Betty J. Domas*
Jerry Donnelly
Michael Drake
Gary R. Eaton `91 and Joy Eaton
Joan Edwards
Janet A. Ellington*
Deborah A. Erickson*
Virginia* and Lee* Finders
Thelma E. Fisher*
Dorothy Fisher-Jones*
Bob* and Betty* Fisk
Denise Frisbee
Gordon Galbraith*
Michael J. Gentry
Carl and Sue* George
Linda A. Gerber
Richard and Shigemi Getter
Susan D. Gillette
David M. Goldberg and Deborah Spanton
Daniel and Loretta Goldy
Mary Goss*
Michael* and Mayola* Green
Helen T. Grim*
Martin D. Haney*
Jim D. Harper
Kathleen Harriman
Anna V. Hay
Jim Hendershot
Gaye Hilderbrand
Cheryl A. Hinerman
Kenneth L. Holzworth
Alice L. Hulse*
Ervin Hummel*
Patricia Hunter
Marjorie L. Hutchinson*
Jeffrey E. Jacobs
Albert E. Jones*
Jill F. Kantor
Florence Kavanagh*
Sylvia J. Kelley
Betty and Dr. John* Kendall
Stephanie S. Keyes*
Ema Kiger*
Miryang Kim
David Kish and Carol Stone
Annette Kraft*
Richard J. Kroll
Dana Kuiper
Peter Lorain and Janet Burgess
Nancy Madsen `96 and James Madsen
Ami Stamm Margolin
Phillip M. Margolin
Marcia L Marvin
Lynn Mayer
Marshall and Betty* McCollum
Peggy J. McVitty and Frank McVitty Jr.*
Rebecca A. Meier
Dan and Karen Moriarty
Michael W. Morrow and Ruth Peterson-Morrow
Eugene P. Nelson `82
Dr. Scholastica I. Njoku*
Terry and Mary Owen
David Pelinka `86 and Fran Pelinka*
Debra S. Peterson
Michael W. Morrow and Ruth Peterson-Morrow
Erich Porshman*
Marjorie* and J. Richard Powell
Dr. Preston Pulliams and Joan Pulliams
Suzette M. Pump
Edythe M. Pynchon*
Janet L. Rash
Barbara Raz Neu
Linda Reisser, Ed.D.*
Ruth B. Ridgway
Sherry A. Robinson
Vic Rosenfield*
Ruthanne Rusnak
Annette C. Saarinen
Stanley E. Schmidt
Laura H. Scott
Belva I. Seaberry
Judy Sears
Robert Shelfer
David Squire
George and Marie* Staley
Elaine G. Steele and HM Steele*
Johnnie and Julius* Stokes
Jean Stone*
Ronald* and Margie* Sumner
Michael Trigoboff and Patricia Leonard
Lynda D. Trost `81
William and Lila Ulrich
Mary* and Frank* Wales
Gordon D. Walker*
Ron and Karen Wilkinson
Millicent M. Williamson*
Walton and Marilyn Wittke
Richard and Glenda Worthington
Roger E. Wulf*