PCC at a Glance

Students on campus
  • PCC enrolls about 73,000 full- and part-time students annually, or one in 16 residents.


  • More than 44 percent of credit students at PCC are the first in their family to go to college.
  • PCC is the most diverse institution of higher education in the state with more than 30 percent students of color.

Career and technical programs

  • Over 100 certificates and degrees are offered in more than 80 areas of study.

Certificates and degrees

  • More than 5,400 awarded last year

Cost to attend

  • Estimated total for one term (full time for resident of Oregon or neighboring state): $1,255
  • See Tuition and Fees website for detailed costs

District area

  • The PCC district covers 1,500 square miles and 13 school districts including all of Washington County and parts of Multnomah County, Columbia County, Yamhill County and Clackamas County.

Good Investment

  • According to a recent survey, eight out of 10 people in the community described PCC as the place to provide students with the skills to compete in today's economy.
  • For every dollar appropriated by state and local government, taxpayers will see a cumulative return of $7.10 over the course of the students' working careers.
  • PCC students will see their annual income increase, on average, by about $95 per year for every credit completed at PCC.

PCC Foundation

  • In 2015, the PCC Foundation awarded scholarships totaling $1,100,000 to over 1,100 deserving students.
  • The PCC Foundation's endowment grew to over $6.63 million for the year ended June 30, 2015.