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Page 1: Activity guide cover
  • PCC Tomorrow Together, presented by Comcast
  • Saturday, April 10, 7-8pm
  • Broadcast at pcc.edu/tomorrowtogether and on KOIN 6
Page 2: Settle in and make a Tomorrowtini
  • Ingredients:
    • 4 fluid ounces gin
    • 1⁄2 fluid ounce dry vermouth
    • 2 tablespoons freshly-squeezed pink
      grapefruit juice
    • 1 tablespoon simple syrup
    • 1 teaspoon freshly-squeezed lemon juice
    • Ice cubes
    • 2 wedges pink grapefruit
    • Pre-sugared martini glasses
  • Tomorrowtini cocktail glasses illustrationInstructions: Combine gin, grapefruit juice, vermouth, simple syrup, and lemon juice in a cocktail shaker. Add ice cubes, cover, and shake until very cold. Strain into two chilled martini glasses. Garnish with fresh grapefruit.
  • Mocktail option: Skip the gin and vermouth. Instead, use equal parts fresh grapefruit juice and club soda. The rest of the ingredients stay the same.
Page 3: Build together

Grab a sheet of paper and draw what tomorrow looks like to you.

Pages 4-5: Heal together

Create an origami heart bookmark using any square piece of paper.


View the origami instructional video »

  1. Fold the paper point-to-point to create an X with the colorful side of the paper facing the table. Open the paper back up and flip over.
  2. Fold the paper side-to-side with the interior facing the table and the colorful exterior facing you. Open the paper back up.
  3. Press in the center to pop the fold, and fold in the two side triangles. This will create a “mountain fold.”
  4. Fold the lower right point to the center of the triangle. Repeat on left side.
  5. Fold them back down.
  6. Pull up the horizontal edge of the paper to the center point and create a horizontal fold. Bring the lower right point up to the center point. Repeat on left side.
  7. Take the full rectangle and fold it down towards you.
  8. Fold the rectangle in half.
  9. Open the right side of the rectangle and push in to create a new triangle. Repeat on left side.
  10. Fold the small center squares on the left and right.
  11. Fold the small points up.
  12. Fold the rectangle shape over to form a heart.

Origami instructions illustration

Page 6: Grow together

Be a Gardener
By PCC’s Poet-in-residence Justin Rigamonti

Flowers illustrationWhen the world is on fire, be a gardener. When thunderclouds of flame blister the hills and dim our future, when smoke and worry whirl over head, do something tender. Go to the garden bed and press a seed into the soil. Give it water, give it light despite the rising heat, despite the fruit it might not ever make. Help someone reach for the life they thought they couldn’t have, a life bright with leaves. A blue horizon. Don’t wait until the time is right, don’t let fear draw you backward from the garden bed. When the world is on fire, be a gardener. Defy the rising darkness, and plant a seed.

Pages 7-8: Dance together

Get off your couch and dance along with DJ Anjali and the Incredible Kid.
Bhangra is a traditional folk dance created centuries ago by Punjabi farmers to celebrate the harvest season.

Dance moves

View a video of the dance with instructions »

  1. The basic Bhangra step is back and forth, shifting your weight side-to-side.
  2. Arms move into a “V” shape. Pull arms in and down at the elbows.
  3. Arms move down to an inverted “V” shape.
  4. Throwing the seeds: Arms move back up to an “L” shape while hands are “throwing the seeds.”
  5. Arms move to a diagonal shape, still throwing the seeds. Then arms come together in the center when you switch the diagonal.
  6. Arms lower and extend straight out from the body, while hands move in an inward curl shape.
  7. Arms move up and straight forward while hands are clenched with your index fingers pointing upward. Slightly pull in at the elbows.
  8. Arms swing up over your head while hands are throwing seeds side-to-side. Then arms swing down in front of the body, while hands are throwing seeds side to side.
  9. Arms move to a diagonal shape while hands are throwing seeds. Then arms stretch out straight and to the sides. Hands are throwing seeds and while pulling elbows in slightly. Arms move back to the diagonal shape. Turn in a small circle.
  10. Rock your hips: Move one hand to your hip while the opposite arm extended upwards. Foot kicks out as you rock the hips. The hand in the air rotates in and out. Then bring both arms straight forward. One arm remains straight while the other bends at the elbow, then reverse back and forth.
  11. Wheat blowing in the wind: Arms are lowered and move straight across the body, then swing up over your head. Arms move side to side, and then are lowered to move side to side across the body. As you move, the opposite leg bends at the knee and the foot kicks back.

Dance moves illustrations

Page 9: Color by number

Download a PDF of the color by number so you can print it »

Color by number graphic

Page 10: Create together

Grab a sheet of paper and write how you hope to see our city thrive post-pandemic.

Page 11: Change together

Watch a conversation between past, present, and future PCC changemakers rooted in social justice.

Change together video screenshot

Page 12: Better together

Sing with us!

Better Together

Lyrics and arranged by Julianne Johnson Weiss, music by Grant Richards.

Oo, oo, oo oo
Heal the people
Yes we can
Oo, oo, oo oo
Heal the nation
Make a stand
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Raise up your hands
Dance, dance, dance, dance
Take a stand

Everybody heal (one another)
Everybody grow (help each other)
Everybody build (toward the future)
Our time is now

Building stronger building better
Be the change in our land
Create our future one heart at time
A new way to understand

Music note illustrationBuilding stronger building better
Be the change in our land
We can get there tomorrow together
Better together

We can get there if we try
Better together oh
Hand in hand we’re flyin high
Lift up your hands and say
We can get there we know how
We’re better together oh
Be the change
The time is now!

Page 13: Thank you to our participants
  • Mohamed Alyajouri
  • Hannah Alzgal
  • DJ Anjali and The Incredible Kid
  • Jeb Baldridge
  • Leslie Barnum
  • Erin Beaty
  • Ken Boddie
  • Heriberto “Eri” Bolaños
  • Sara Boone
  • The Honorable Margaret Carter
  • Yao Cheng
  • Tom Cook
  • Matthew Dickman
  • Kendi Esary
  • Elizebett Eslinger
  • Adi Velazquez Espinosa
  • Brad Fox
  • Ebony Frison
  • Christian Gaines
  • Jenny Hansson
  • Mitchell S. Jackson
  • Julianne Johnson-Weiss
  • Karen Kervin
  • Fran Kohler
  • Thomas Lauderdale
  • Kathryn Lopez
  • Sharli Love
  • James Lovely
  • Latoya Lovely
  • Misty Marquam
  • Mark Mitsui
  • Sasha Moore
  • Anne Naito-Campbell
  • Brea Nazareno
  • Rebecca Petchenik
  • Justin Rigamonti
  • Tera Roberts and family
  • Sebastian Schoelen
  • Antonio Servin-Gonzalez
  • Rebecca Skloot
  • Maia Vasconez-Taylor
  • Sofia von Trapp
  • Poison Waters
  • Cameron Whitten
Page 14: Thank you to our sponsors

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Presenting sponsor: Comcast

We believe success starts with opportunity. Comcast is proud to support the Portland Community College Foundation and PCC. Together, we are creating opportunity for our communities. #pcctomorrowtogether

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