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Giving Tuesday Ambassador Toolkit

Giving Tuesday 2022

Thank you for helping us as we come together on Giving Tuesday, November 29, to raise vital funds for the PCC Foundation’s Urgent Need Fund! 

During the week leading up to November 29, we hope you will:

  • Share and like the PCC Foundation’s social media posts 
  • Consider making a gift meaningful to you
  • Share PCC’s #GivingTuesday campaign via email

Share 2-3 Social Media Posts

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  1. Follow @portlandccf on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, then share Portland Community College Foundation’s updates on your personal social media accounts.
  2. On Tuesday, November 29, post the following social media messages. (Feel free to edit to make these your own!)
    • Join me, November 29, for #GivingTuesday and make a gift to the Foundation’s Urgent Student Need Fund to #SupportStudents with necessities they need to focus on school. You can give now at: pcc.edu/givingtuesday. #PCCFGivingTuesday, #PCCUrgentNeed
    • Today is #GivingTuesday, a global day of giving when people generously support the causes they care about. I am choosing to support the #PCCUrgentNeed Fund and help connect students with resources to stay in school. No one should have to choose between paying for classes and necessities. Give now: pcc.edu/givingtuesday #PCCFGivingTuesday
    • Today is #GivingTuesday, give now! The first $10,000 raised this Giving Tuesday will be matched. Make your gift now to double your impact! The Portland Community College Foundation’s #UrgentNeed fund connects students with resources to help them stay in school. Give now – pcc.edu/givingtuesday #PCCFGivingTuesday

Consider Making a Gift

When our campaign goes live on Tuesday, November 29, visit www.pcc.edu/givingtuesday and make a gift that is meaningful to you.

Share Giving Tuesday via Email

Email your friends, colleagues, family and networks asking them to join you in making a gift on Giving Tuesday (November 29).

Subject: It’s Giving Tuesday! Make a Gift to Portland Community College’s Urgent Need fund.

Dear _______,

Today is Giving Tuesday and I am supporting the Portland Community College (PCC) Foundation Urgent Need fund! With your help, our goal is to raise $25,000! The Urgent Need fund supports PCC programs that help students meet their basic needs, so that they can focus on succeeding at college. 

The first $10,000 raised this Giving Tuesday will be matched. Make your gift now to double your impact!

Please join us in support of our amazing students by making a meaningful gift today. Your gift will help support PCC students with future needs such as:

  • $1,000 – Provides three students with access to public transportation for one year.
  • $750 – Provides one laptop to a student, allowing them to access the new hybrid learning environments at PCC.
  • $500 – Provides one emergency grant to ensure challenging life events do not impede on their education.
  • $250 – Provides one student with access to nutritious meals at PCC cafeterias for one year.
  • $100 – Provides a PCC student with an internet hotspot for one year.

Any amount is helpful and appreciated! Together, we can make a difference, helping students continue their education at PCC. 

To make your gift, visit pcc.edu/givingtuesday. Thank you for your support!

With gratitude,

(Your Name, Department, Title)

P.S. You can make your gift to support our Urgent Need Fund now via PayPal,Venmo or by using your credit at pcc.edu/givingtuesday.