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International Education Week 2014

“The World Teaches Us”

2014 IEW posterA college-wide event embracing cultural diversity

November 17–21, 2014
  • Lectures and workshops
  • Entertainment
  • Experiential cultural immersion activities
Celebratory Banquet

Thursday, November 20 from 6-9pm at the Rock Creek Event Center. Hosted by PCC’s Office of International Education.

Festivities will include a buffet dinner, entertainment, and dancing!

Banquet tickets
  • Free for students
  • $7 for non-students


The Traveler: An engaging reading and discussion with poet Mohammed Bader

Monday, November 17, 1-2pm, Cascade Hall, Room 304, Facilitator: Jane Zunkel 
Mohammad Bader reads from “The Traveler,” a book of poetry about the desire to find peace and harmony in a world torn with war, greed, and lust for power.

About Mohammad Bader
This is Mohammad’s first published book. Born in East Jerusalem, a stone’s throw away from the Dome of the Rock and the Western Wall, Mohammad spent much of his early life interacting with international pilgrims and tourists. Bader started his travel to the USA with the idea that he will be trained to become a counselor. Shortly after he arrived in the US both of his parents died and the first Palestinian Intifada (uprising) started. Mohammad was later adopted by his sponsor, Bettie Mitchell, founder of Good Samaritan Ministries International. Mohammad participates in poetry reading and will be happy to read his poems in person and talk about his experience as a recent immigrant. Mohammad has chosen Portland, Oregon, and the USA to be his permanent residence. He hopes for peace and justice. He can be reached via email at thearabiantraveler@gmail.com or thearabiantraveler.blogspot.com.” (Copy excerpted from lulu.com/spotlight/mohammad817.)

F-1 International Students in the Classroom

Monday, November 17, 2-3pm, Cascade Hall 102 (TLC), Facilitator: Tracey Garman
Who are PCC’s F-1 students? Gain insight into international students’ experiences at PCC and living in the U.S. Learn about challenges they face in the U.S. academic system and how instructors can help them succeed at PCC.

International Extravaganza

Wednesday, November 19, 1:30-3pm, Cafeteria, Facilitator: Quynh Do
Celebrate International Education Week at Cascade Campus by sampling food from around the world! Meet new students, listen to music, and try different foods.

Learning ‘Cultural Agility’

Thursday, November 20, 12-1pm, Cascade Hall 102 (TLC), Facilitator: Salomeh Moadab, Comp/Lit Faculty
Notes from the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication. A presentation by and for faculty with an overview of key ideas learned at SIIC this summer, including some teaching strategies surrounding intercultural communication.

Breaking Down Inequality: A Global Challenge

Thursday, November 20, 1-3pm, Cafeteria (NW Corner), Facilitators: Michael Heyn (United Nations Veteran) and Michael Sonnleitner (PCC faculty)
Speaker will share insights from his 35 years of service with the United Nations, with experiences in 15 countries (including Liberia where Ebola has recently been of international concern). Copies of his book will be available for purchase and signing.

Paths to Peace in Syria

Friday, November 21, 12-1pm, Terrell Hall 100, Facilitator: Michael Sonnleitner
Ahmad Borazan, instructor of economics at the University of Utah, grew up in Aleppo, Syria, and will talk about the current failures of the Syrian state, descent into civil war, and possibilities for peace.

Rock Creek
Let’s Talk About It

Monday, November 17, 1-3pm, WRC Building 7/ 119, Facilitator: Godelive Bakutshike, International Student Ambassador at Women’s Resource Center
Students from different cultures respond to questions about the way women are treated in relationships in different cultures.

Speed Culturing

Monday, November 17, 3-5pm, Event Center, Facilitators: Cynthia Thornburgh and Morgan Lindberg 
ESOL 254 Level 7 Communication Students will participate in cultural exchange conversations with Japanese 101 students.

Salsa Dancing Demonstration and Class

Tuesday, November 18, 12:45-1:45pm, Building 3 Stage (near cafeteria tables), Facilitator: Hakima Al Mezewghi, International Student Ambassador at the Career Exploration Center
Salsa is a dance style that combines many different cultural genres. This salsa dancing party is an hour of fun, music, and dance with Dario Lopez, a trained instructor. Dario will share his joy and passion for salsa and teach the basic steps of salsa dancing along with the most beautiful and glamorous salsa-Latin music.

“What kind of Asian are you?”

Wednesday, November 19, 11:30am-1pm, Multicultural Center 7/ 118, Facilitators: Perri Schodorf, Da Hyun Kim, Yumiko Yokoyama, Chelsea Messan, Qmar Heidary and Grace Bosango 
Cultural misrepresentations and stereotyping of non-white U.S. citizens and international students. In this conversation, participants will discuss what makes a student “international”, as well as the kinds of stereotypes international students face and interact with while studying in the U.S. We’ll also discuss the conflation of American or domestic as “white”. How does this shape privilege, service, and U.S. culture?

Syria: The Path to a Failed State

Thursday, November 20, 2-3pm, RC Library, Facilitator: Douglas Byrd and the Internationalization Initiative
With millions of people displaced and perhaps 300,000 people killed, the conflict in Syria has captured public attention and, especially with the rise of ISIS, a great deal of horror at the devastation. Drawing on his personal and experiences as both a Syrian citizen and scholar, Ahmad Borazan will discuss the current failures of the Syrian state and descent into civil war. The political, economic, and social drivers of the crisis will be examined in a historical narrative from the formation of the state until the upheaval that led to the current disintegration of the Syrian state. He will conclude by examining the possibility of peace in Syria’s future.

Consumption and Recycling Around the World

Thursday, November 20, 2:30-3:30pm, Student Center Building 3 Room 128, Facilitators: International student group, ASPCC, Learning Garden Volunteers, other students/faculty/staff who are interested
The first 30 minutes will be a discussion on consumption and waste-based on the book “Material World: A Global Family Portrait,” by Peter Menzel. We will share stories about consumption and recycling from the places where we are all from. During this time, we will share international snacks and drinks. The second 30 minutes will be a relay race where teams of participants will race to recycle, compost, or dispose of the items consumed during our first 30 minutes (food and drink containers).

Celebratory Banquet

Thursday, November 20, 6-9pm, RC Event Center, Hosted by: PCC’s Office of International Education
Festivities will include a buffet dinner, entertainment, and dancing! Tickets are free for students and $7 for non-students.

Navigating a Culturally Diverse Environment (workshop)

Thursday, November 20, 11-11:50am (plus 30 minutes prep and 30 minutes cleaning), MTH Room 148, Facilitators: Rut Martínez-Alicea and Suting Wang
An interactive introductory workshop for students to the concepts of culture, diversity, identity, and ways to address and celebrate the challenges and opportunities of diversity at the Southeast Campus. Participants will complete a short self-assessment on culture, will engage in dialogue, and share experiences that define identity and diversity. The workshop ends with an exploration of tools to meet the challenges and celebrate the opportunities of diversity.

Drawing Competition

Tuesday, November 18, 1-3pm, CC mall, Facilitators: Danielle Talla and Tatiana Karpova, WRC SY 
Come and join us to draw something (anything you want) related to your culture or a culture you like. The best three drawings will win great prizes! Don’t miss out!

International Scholarship Workshop

Tuesday, November 18, 4-5pm, TCB 208, Facilitators: Tatiana Karpova and Danielle Talla, WRC SY 
This workshop will give you a great opportunity to increase your chances of winning scholarships. We will talk about how to apply for a scholarship, how to write an essay, and other helpful topics.

ASPCC International Education Activities

Wednesday, November 19, 11am-4pm, Upper CC Mall, Facilitator: ASPCC 
Various educational activities for students about international diversity in ASPCC/PCC.

Intercultural Reflection through Storytelling

Wednesday, November 19, 1-3pm, Lib 204, Facilitator: Roxanne Richardson 
Much of history is often communicated through the art of storytelling. Do you like to hear stories and tell stories? Come and learn about others cultures and share a bit of your own through intercultural reflection and storytelling!

Paths to Peace in Syria

Thursday, November 20, 11am-12 noon, ST 301, Facilitator: Sarah Bentley 
Ahmad Borazan, instructor of economics at the University of Utah, grew up in Aleppo, Syria, and will talk about the current failures of the Syrian state, descent into civil war, and possibilities for peace.

PCC’s Got International Talent 2014

Friday, November 21, 12-1pm, Little Theater (CT 201), Facilitators: Sarah Bailie and Luciana Diniz 
Come check out the International Talent Show, featuring students from all over the world. Tickets are only $2.00 and available in the Tutoring Center (CT 208). Proceeds go to PCC ESOL Fund.

Fashion Show

Friday, November 21, 1-1:30pm, Little Theater (CT 201), Facilitators: Danielle Talla and Tatiana Karpova, WRC SY 
This event is a great opportunity to present a traditional costume of your culture and share that amazing part of you with other students at PCC!