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PNWGTS – testimonials

Quotes from Seminar attendees

“I can’t think of when I’ve laughed so much or learned so much in such a short period of time.” René Kratz (Everett Community College)

“Overall, this has been the best seminar I have ever been blessed to experience.” (Clark Community College)

“Thank you for the greatest conference I have ever attended in 30 years in education.” Perry Johnson (Western Nevada Community College)

“An empowering conference.” Peggy Kroll (Modesto Junior College)

Testimonials from teachers of past conferences

“I attended the Pacific Northwest Great Teachers Seminar 2 years ago. I met some wonderful educators who are doing very exciting things in their classrooms with course content as well as technology. The attendees are from disciplines across the spectrum and what I learned applies to any classroom. The discussions were rich and inspiring. In addition, you leave with creative ideas in handouts from the other attendees. Lastly, the facilitators are experienced, talented – all around Great, and made it fun as well as informative.” Terry Turner, Shasta College

“It truly was an inspiring opportunity to connect with people from all over the PNW with the same sort of passion and creativity in their respective areas, yet watching what transpired in those few days in our open-minded collaborations was the part that really stuck with me.” Lewis Watkins, North Idaho College

“This was truly one of the most informative – collegial experiences of my 20 years in Higher Education.” Connie Pittman-Carlson, Spokane Falls Community College

“It had been an academic year full of work and lots of change across campus. Much of this change certainly will end in positive, forward progress, but personally and professionally, I needed to feel like a teacher again. Jan Woodcock, director of the PNWGTS, … along with Doug, Phil, and Mark, her assistant directors, have created a tremendous program that allows participants to share expertise, learn new teaching techniques, and work through instructional problems. Work sessions are intermingled with equally valuable free time to peruse the books and literature participants bring from their respective colleges, wander the grounds, and learn informally from one another. It reminded me how important these informal learning opportunities must also be for our students.”

“The incredible food, collegiality, shared intellect and experience was unmatched by any other conference I’ve attended. I strongly encourage those who need to feel terrific again about teaching and learning to make the effort to attend the Pacific Northwest Great Teachers Seminar. If they’d have me, I’d be back in a heartbeat!”

Cindy Shroba, Geology Instructor

“With funding from Title III, I was privileged to take part in the 26th Annual Pacific Northwest Great Teachers Seminar on June 12-16, 2005. The seminar provided a developmental journey towards professional growth. As I drove past the rock entrance, into the world of ever-changing stillness (the Hebrew translation of the Menucha), the beauty of the surroundings caught me off-guard.”

“I soon found myself seated at a dinner table filled with talkative strangers. Thus, began my journey in learning the true meaning of becoming a great teacher. This sanctuary of innovation provided learning in a relaxed atmosphere. Small classes that encouraged interaction with lively debates, enhanced the learning process. However, this seminar was not only about education; this seminar was about making new friends, partaking in delicious cuisine, taking the time for renewal and laughter, and for long walks in beauty and solitude.”

“As time grew short, and good-byes were said, a sense of sadness prevailed. My experience of growth had led from concern for the unknown, to fellowship, then moved onto professional inspiration and rejuvenation. As I drove up the quiet mountainside, out to the world of students and coworkers, I knew that I would re-enter the workplace using the information gathered at Menucha, the empowering conference for building great teachers.”

Bonnie Reaney, Nursing Instructor