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Art Rock 2019

man working on pottery wheelwoman working on pottery wheelwoman painting at an easelman holding up a black and white printwoman using a printing pressblack and white sketch of a woman sketchingman carving a large piece of stone

Tuesday, November 12, and Wednesday, November 13

Join us for:

  • Hands-on expressive arts
    • Calligraphy
    • Ceramics
    • Collage
    • Creative writing
    • Life drawing, painting, and sculpture
    • Plaster art
    • Poetry
    • Printmaking
  • Panel discussions
  • Foundry demonstrations
  • Live music
  • Creative writing open mic


All are welcome to participate – no experience necessary.
All events are located in the Rock Creek Building 3 Mall unless otherwise noted.

Events both days
Writing on the Wall

PCC Rock Creek Composition and Literature Program
Come share your writing with our campus community and take the time to read what others have posted on the interactive display.

Annual Art Faculty Exhibition

Helzer Gallery
Works by Mark Andres, Amy Bay, Richey Bellinger, Ben Buswell, Brittney Cathey-Adams, Donna Cole, Daniel Duford, Patrick Kelly, Colin Kippen, Chris Knight, Michael Edward McGovern, Brad McLemore, Will Moss, Mylan Rakich, Petra Sairanen, Marie Sivak, Micki Skudlarczyk, Michael Southern, Phyllis Trowbridge, and Mateo Zachai.

Tuesday, November 12
Art Fair Morning Session – 9am-1pm
  • Metal Casting Demonstration
    • 10am-1pm
    • Location: Foundry behind Building 3
    • Ben Buswell and sculpture students
    • Curious about how statues are made? Watch a pouring of 2000 degree molten bronze to create amazing cast metal sculptures.
  • Gel Plate Printmaking
    • Artist & Craftsman Supply
    • Make unique hand-pulled prints from the gel plate printmaking process with the store experts.
    • Mono-print printmaking
  • Shelley Chamberlin
    • Explore color, layering, and texture with monoprint: the most spontaneous and direct form of printmaking. Create richly layered prints using rollers, brushes, found texture, and ink.
    • Plaster Circle Activity
  • Will Moss
    • Milk, heavy cream, butter, soap, and solid rock! Learn about plaster and its mysterious transformation properties. Mix small batches of plaster and dump them on a special contraption to make a unique, three-dimensional circle form.
    • Calligraphy
  • Cora Pearl
    • Explore fun and easy hand lettering. There will be several different styles of lettering you can try.
  • Gallery Talk
    • 11am-12 noon
    • Location: Helzer Gallery, Building 3
    • Hosted by Petra Sairanen, Helzer Gallery Director
    • Stop by for a lively discussion and refreshments with PCC Art Faculty whose work is showcased in the annual Art Faculty Exhibition
Lunchtime Performances – 12-1pm
  • Rock Creek Student Choir and Chamber Singers
  • Sam Barbara, Director
Creative Writing Open Mic – 1-2pm
  • PCC Rock Creek Composition and Literature Program
  • Sign up to read your poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, or screenplay excerpts. Listen to your fellow PCC students share their work in five minutes or less.
Panel Discussion – 1-2pm
  • Who Do You Love? Artists We Can’t Stop Thinking About
  • Location: Room 100, Building 3
  • An engaging discussion in which artists talk about their favorite artists. Moderated by Nora Lehmann Miller, with PCC Art faculty Amy Bay, Mateo Zachai, and Daniel Duford.
Art Fair Afternoon Session – 1-5pm
  • Go Figure! Life Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture
    • Marie Sivak, Mark Andres, and Collin Kippen
    • Through artist demonstrations and hands-on participation, explore figurative art in a variety of media with a live model.
  • Gel Plate Printmaking
    • Artist & Craftsman Supply
    • Make unique hand-pulled prints from the gel plate printmaking process with the store experts.
American Roots Duo Concert – 7:30pm
  • Location: Room 114 Forum, Building 3
  • Caleb Klauder and Reeb Willms
  • With pure harmonies, lyrical mandolin, and strong guitar, the duo performs original songs and tunes as well as their favorite old gems from traditional and country repertoires.
Wednesday, November 13
Art Fair Morning Session – 9am-1pm
  • Cyanotypes
    • Brittney Cathey-Adams
    • Feeling blue? Using light and time, we will take a trip into photography’s early history and produce unique Cyanotypes from a process called contact printing.
  • Comics Jam
    • 9am-11:30pm
    • Daniel Duford
    • Comics is a medium that tells every kind of story with images and text. Explore your visual storytelling voice with quick four-panel comics, comic drawing exercises, and a comic jam.
  • Ceramics
    • Donna Cole
    • Get your hands dirty for a hands-on experience with clay.
  • Hxstory Blxckouts
    • Washington County Museum
    • Create blackout poems and artwork using historical texts pulled from the museum’s archives. With blackout poems, you can re-contextualize historical texts into brand new creations and reveal hidden messages that take new forms such as shapes, stories, jokes, slogans, and more.
Lunchtime Music – 12-1pm
  • Rock Creek concert featuring the Student Jazz Ensemble
  • Jason Palmer, Director
Panel Discussion – 1-2pm
  • Women in Art
  • Location: Room 132, Building 3
  • While women have created art since the cave paintings, it was not until the 1980s that women artists were included in major art surveys. Panelists will discuss women artists who inspire them. Moderated by Mark Andres, PCC Art Faculty, with PCC Art Faculty Anna Truxes and Marie Sivak, and Stephanie Littlebird Fogel, Professional Artist.
Art Fair Afternoon Session – 1-5pm
  • Raku Demonstration

    • Location: Foundry behind Building 3
    • Richey Bellinger and ceramics students
    • Experience this unique firing process, first developed in Japan in the 1500s. The work is pulled from the kiln red hot while glaze is molten and quenched in water leading to stunning effects.
  • Painted Paper Collage
    • Phyllis Trowbridge
    • Fun with color! Explore color ideas with paint and paper to make collages.