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PCC Equity Plan

PCC Equity Planning Launches in Spring 2022

To effectively respond to ongoing needs within PCC, enhance efforts already in progress, and accelerate transformative change toward a more equitable and socially just PCC, we are launching a PCC Equity Planning Process in Spring 2022. The launch of a 12-14 month planning process will be organized around 6 key objectives to determine DEI priorities and signature activities:

  1. Cultivate an inclusive campus and college climate.
  2. Close or eliminate opportunity and equity gaps for student access and outcomes.
  3. Attract, hire and retain a diverse faculty and staff committed to equity and belonging.
  4. Assess and mitigate equity and campus and college climate concerns.
  5. Adopt and integrate guiding frameworks to support the learning and development of students, faculty, and staff.
  6. Improve accountability tools for assessing PCC’s progress toward equitable opportunity and success.

The District Leaders of Diversity Council (DLDC) is foundational to establishing a clear and operationalized relationship to these key initiatives across the college through their leadership and stewardship of the Equity Plan.


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