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Preferred Future Council

In November 2016, former President Mark Mitsui appointed leaders from across the college to the Preferred Future Council. President Mitsui charged the PFC with supporting equitable student success by taking proactive steps to ensure that every student is able to access their education in an environment that honors, values and respects them. To help in this work, the PFC:

  • Provides resources and information to develop a culturally and socially responsive learning environment;
  • Establishes a culture of community care and trauma-informed stewardship;
  • Confronts incidents and rhetoric that suggest certain people or groups do not belong because of their identity, cultural practices, or country of origin;
  • Encourages community building and civic engagement, and
  • Fosters an environment where every individual is supported to reach their potential.

Toward our preferred future

The PFC is intentionally working across the college to create our preferred future today. PCC’s preferred future is one where:

  • Critical analysis informs how we relate to the world and to one another;
  • Our students, faculty, and staff reflect and celebrate the diverse tapestry of our world;
  • Our students, faculty, and staff learn and work in inclusive environments where we lean into difference and difficulty, and
  • A vibrant and open democracy is crucial to address the challenges of the 21st century.

The future is today

Learn more about what the PFC did for the 2020-21 Academic Year.

The PFC is working to:

  • Confront nationalism in our community;
  • Challenge xenophobic and anti-immigrant discourse;
  • Affirm visibility and protections for sexual and gender rights;
  • Promote civic engagement, and
  • Reimagine our philosophies and practices concerning public health and safety.