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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Awards

PCC celebrates diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders.

Join us to recognize and celebrate those at PCC who work to promote social justice, diversity, equity and inclusion across the college as advocates, activists, teachers and learners.


Curriculum, Teaching, and Facilitation
  • Deborah Cochrane
  • Jimena Alvarado
  • Talina Villao
  • Magda D’Angelis-Morris
  • Israel Pastrana
  • Rachel Black Elk
Climate Impact
  • Lisa George
  • Michele Cruse
Curriculum, Teaching, and Facilitation
  • Cara Lee
  • Renea Perry
  • Daynia Daby
  • Samm Erickson
  • Nick Carmack
  • J Gibbons
  • Shannon Baird
  • Ignacio Garcia Reyes
  • Liliana Luna
Climate Impact
  • Laura Horani
  • Kien Truong
  • Elizabeth Guzman-Arroyo
Teaching and Facilitation
  • Jeff Laff, staff
  • Dr. Khalil Zonoozy, faculty
  • Molly Walker, student
  • Miriam Friedman, staff
  • Kurt Simonds, faculty
  • Gabrielle Kornahrens, student
  • Nista Shrestha, student
  • Luke Givens, staff
  • Jan Abushakrah, faculty
  • Ja’qlyne Slaughter, student
  • Narce Rodriguez, staff
  • James Harrison, faculty
Subcommittee Special Recognition
  • Whiteness History Month
  • Coming out of the Shadows – RC
  • LITE
Equity and Inclusion – Activism

(those who organize and lead equity and inclusion change at the college):

  • Kristin Benson, staff
  • Ricci Elizabeth, faculty
  • Tony Vezina, student
Equity and Inclusion – Advocacy

(those who have consistently promoted concepts of diversity, equity and inclusion at PCC):

  • Rut Martinez-Alicea, staff
  • Heather Mayer, faculty
  • Fatmah Worfeley, student
Equity and Inclusion – Climate Impact

(those who have created marked, sustainable impacts on equity and inclusion at PCC; this award can be given to present or past students, staff and faculty):

  • Rachel Black Elk, former student
  • Amara Perez, former staff
  • Christopher Rose, faculty
Equity and Inclusion – Curriculum, Teaching, and Facilitation

(those who creatively infuse equity and inclusion into their teaching, curriculum and facilitation):

  • Ben Cushing, faculty
  • Gabe Hunter-Bernstein, staff
  • Jeannie LaFrance, staff