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How PCC can help students

No two students, or their experiences, are the same; therefore PCC is committed to offering several ways to get help for students experiencing sexual harassment or misconduct. Our hope is that this information will help you identify the services that are right for you. While many individuals and offices are ready to help, they fall into two broad categories: confidential and not confidential.


Confidential options are services that are not required to report incidents of sexual harassment or misconduct to the Office of Equity and Inclusion. 

  • Outreach and Advocacy Project: The Outreach & Advocacy Project collaborates with staff, faculty, and students across PCC to ensure equitable access to student centered support. This includes direct advocacy support, co-advocacy with multiple departments, referrals, training, and outreach events for the PCC community, and the development of college wide protocols to further support students. The Outreach & Advocacy Project services are privileged and confidential; and available to all students.
  • Women’s Resource Centers: The Women’s Resource Centers (WRC) offer connection, resources, and advocacy to support the success of all women and gender minority students. All genders welcome. PCC’s WRC’s offer:
    • Support for accessing and navigating campus and community resources.
    • Free college credit academic success programs, including a program fully in Spanish.
    • Help with reporting discrimination and harassment.
    • Involvement in events, clubs, and projects related to social and gender justice.
    • Access to trained, certified Confidential Advocates who are available to support students affected by relationship and/or sexual violence, harassment, or stalking.
    • And so much more!
  • Queer Resource Centers: The Queer Resource Centers (QRC) provide advocacy, education, leadership development, programming, and retention services for students with marginalized genders and sexualities to create an inclusive and intersectional campus climate promoting gender justice, sexual liberation, and equity for all people. 
  • Multicultural Centers: The Multicultural Centers were founded to address institutional racism and the unique needs of students of color at PCC. The Multicultural Centers support the academic achievement, leadership development, and advancement of students of color at PCC. The Multicultural Centers are centrally-located to provide a safe space that nurtures learning and the achievement of personal and educational goals through cultural enrichment, peer tutoring, mentoring, and leadership activities on campus.
  • Counseling: PCC counselors hold master’s or doctoral degrees in counseling, social work, psychology or closely related fields. Most are licensed or certified by state or national boards. Our mission is to assist a diverse population of learners to develop and accomplish personal, educational, and career goals in an atmosphere that encourages the full realization of each individual’s potential. PCC offers free, short-term counseling to currently enrolled students (excluding Community Education). Service eligibility begins two weeks prior to a given term. In counseling, we discuss personal concerns students may be facing and work with students to develop new ways of addressing concerns. Many concerns are addressed within eight sessions or less.
  • DREAMers Resource Center: The DREAMers Center provides a safer space for our Undocumented/DACAmented community. This space is for students to achieve their academic goals through the resources provided, gain leadership skills and receive financial and legal support.
  • Veteran’s Resource Centers: The Veteran’s Resource Centers (VRC) create a safe and friendly space where veterans can talk with other veterans, students and advocates. Additionally, the VRCs help veterans use their benefits to support their college expenses.

Not Confidential

Even though these services are not confidential, all information you share with them will be kept private, meaning that it will only be shared on a need to know basis, and with notice. These resources can also provide academic support including help working with faculty, registration issues, or other things that students experiencing sexual assault or misconduct may need to be successful at PCC.

Report an incident to the Office of Equity and Inclusion

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