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Private scholarship donor guidelines

Creating a new scholarship?

To set up a new scholarship to benefit students at PCC, visit PCC Foundation: establish a scholarship.

If your organization has awarded a scholarship to a specific PCC student, follow the steps below. If you're a student who is paying with a scholarship, see how to pay with a scholarship.

  1. Prepare a letter of instruction

    In the letter, include the following information:

    • Student name
    • Student PCC ID
    • Applicable term
    • Amount per term, if multi-term
    • Identify what your scholarship will pay for – such as tuition and fees, books, parking, etc.
    • Any restrictions or conditions that need to be monitored, such as enrollment requirements (full time, part time), credit or non-credit classes, etc.
    • Disposition of excess funds (i.e., return excess funds, donate to the PCC Foundation, or pay to student)
  2. Send scholarship funds to PCC

    Send your check with the letter of instruction to the address below. We must receive funds by the payment due date or the student's course registrations may be deleted. Scholarship funds are first applied to tuition and fees before applying funds to the purchase of books.

    PCC only accepts payments in excess of the student's tuition and fees to cover books and other support services provided by the college. PCC does not accept funds intended for living or other expenses.

Contact information

  • Contact: Private Scholarship Donor Desk
  • Phone or fax: 971-722-2703
  • Taxpayer ID and type: 93‐0575187, Municipal Organization
  • Mailing address:
    Portland Community College
    Attn: Scholarship Desk (DC 118)
    722 SW 2nd Ave.
    Portland, OR 97204