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Step 6: Keep your position

Smiling students - we did it!

Now that you are happily employed, you want to make sure to keep your job and stay happy.

  1. Maintain eligibility

    To keep your work study funds, you must:

    If you lose eligibility, you'll get an email and your supervisor will be notified that you are no longer eligible to work.

Unhappy with your job?

If you want a different job, contact your supervisor and let them know that you want to leave the position. As long as you and the supervisor agree, you can apply for a different job. Keep in mind that work study jobs are limited, so you should really be sure that you want to give up your current job. You are only allowed to have one work study job at the same time.

Need help?

If you have questions about your eligibility or if you are having trouble with your work study position, contact the Work Study Coordinator.