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COVID-19 Work Study FAQs

Note: For spring quarter the PCC payroll system is only to report hours actually worked. Do not report hours you do not work to payroll.

  • I was employed in federal work-study in a prior term, but am unable to register for this term. Am I eligible to continue receiving payments?
    Unfortunately, as a federal student aid program, you do need to be enrolled for the current term to be eligible to participate. *Note that break periods are tied to the following term. We have not yet assessed what impact, if any, there would be for summer quarter’s operations.
  • I am suspended from financial aid due to SAP or other eligibility issue. Am I eligible to receive any funding through FWS?
    Unfortunately, until you regain eligibility, you may not receive any federal student aid funds despite the COVID-19 emergency.
  • I am enrolled for this quarter, but due to COVID-19 I was not able to enroll in 6 or more credits. How am I impacted?
    For spring quarter, we are waiving our policy requirement that students must be enrolled at least half-time, and we will make FWS funding available to students enrolled in 1 or more eligible credits.
  • I am employed in federal work study and my supervisor has provided me work that I am able to do remotely. Am I able to continue working?
    Yes! Do confirm your schedule and duties with your employer, but then you should work and complete your time card as normal.
  • I am employed in federal work study but my supervisor is not able to provide me with remote work, or I lack access to work remotely? What should I do?
    We are currently able to pay most FWS students for the hours they were “scheduled to work” if they are unable to work due to campus closure. Work with your supervisor to determine what your scheduled hours were. They will report that information to us. You should not submit a time card for these hours. Note: Students who have a mix of hours they can/can’t work should still report the hours they do work on their time-card, and we will address the hours they cannot work through the SEOG fund as above.
  • My scheduled hours may change for a given week, such as finals.
    At this time we do anticipate including an allotment for finals week based on the reported standard weekly amount as long as available funding permits.
  • Are PCC work-study students eligible for unemployment under the expanded CARES act provisions?
    These questions are outside our authority and should be referred to DHS or another entity that advises on unemployment law/process. We would generally say that you are continuing to be paid for your work hours for spring quarter for students who are either working and/or being paid through SEOG for hours they were scheduled to work.
  • My supervisor hasn’t yet submitted the hours that I was scheduled to work. Can they still do that?
    Yes, we will address those cases one-by-one based on the circumstances and available funds.
  • I have questions that aren’t addressed here. Who should I ask?
    We do encourage students to work with your supervisor first. Supervisors and students are also invited to contact us at workstudy@pcc.edu.