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Starting at PCC with previous college experience

student with previous college credit

So you're returning to college - welcome back! About half of our new students have previous college experience. PCC is a great place to pick up where you left off or learn new skills.

Avoid re-taking classes

To get into most college classes, students need to first take college-level reading, writing, and math. If you've already taken these, you'll need to show us your transcript before you can register for classes. You won't need to take a placement test as long as your transcript has valid reading, writing, and math scores.

What to do

  1. Get your transcript

    Get a copy of your unofficial transcript from previous colleges. At most schools, you can view unofficial copies on the school website.

  2. Submit your transcript

    Get a Prerequisite Override by submitting your transcript online. An advisor will check your transcript to make sure you've taken prerequisites.

  3. Watch for an email

    If you submitted online or by fax, check your MyPCC email for a message from an advisor. If your past classes count as prerequisites, you'll be able to go register for classes! (If your classes don't meet the requirements, the advisor will tell you which placement tests to take.)

  4. During your first term, transfer credits to PCC

    While taking your first classes, send official transcripts to PCC. We will transfer qualifying classes to your PCC record. This permanently removes the need to show you've taken prerequisites at another school. Otherwise, you'll have to repeat these steps each term. Bonus: your past classes may count towards new degrees and certificates. You might be closer than you think to earning a new credential!

Don't have previous college credit?

If this is your first time in college, visit plan your first term and the instructions for first-time students.