Photo Contest

Congratulations to the Education Abroad Photo Contest winners!

The Photo Contest is a way for returned students to share their experiences through photography and writing.


Seeing the World: City life, nature landscapes, global differences

  • Winner: “Train Ride to Chiba” by Emily Wilson (Peace and Conflict in Japan). “Today I have arrived to Tokyo and the sky was pink. I’m hoping this is a sign of some kind: a beautiful experience, new friends, and finding the best in my travels.”
    A photo of a city street at sunrise, with a light pink and blue sky.
  • Runner up: “Worth It” by Elena Doss (Spanish in the Dominican Republic). “Out of all the sunsets I have experienced throughout my life, this one was different. It was magical, as the vivid colors splashed along the Dominican coast. Truly a moment of awe among our group.”A photo of a sunset with dark purple clouds on top, leading into yellow and orange clouds by the sea.

Embracing New Cultures: Food, cultural lifestyles, local traditions and activities

  • Winner: “Baragana” by Elena Doss (Spanish in the Dominican Republic). “Years upon years of oppression, but the Haitian and Dominicans still find the beauty within life.”
    Photo of a wood structure painted bright green and blue with a metal roof.
  • Runner up: “Fútbol en el Barrio” by Alfonso Perez-Cruz (Intercultural Communication in Peru). “I captured this photo while visiting one of the many barrios (ghettos) of Lima, Peru, while we were volunteering at La Casa de Panchita, a place/organization that helps kids. While we were there, outside on the futsal field people from around the barrio started arriving and gathering to start playing some fútbol. I decided to capture a photo, because just like any other place in Latin America fútbol is the popular sport to play on the streets as it’s part of the culture, it’s an escape from the daily life in the barrios.”
    A black and white photo of children playing soccer on a court in front of city buildings covering a hillside.

Education & Self-Discovery: Academics abroad and what you’ve learned about yourself

  • Winner: “The other side of Vinicunca” by Alfonso Perez-Cruz (Intercultural Communication in Peru). “I took this image while ascending from the peak of the Vinicunca (Rainbow mountain). The reason I chose this image for self-discovery, is because the hike for this view was probably one of the toughest physical and mental challenges I have ever endured through; the mountain is approximately six thousand meters up so as you climb up the oxygen in the air gets thinner and the more tired I felt. On this hike, I learned that I have more determination and confidence in myself than I thought I did, and due to my determination to reach the peak I was able to capture this beautiful image of the snowy mountain of the other side of the Vinicunca mountain, probably one of the greatest photos I’ve taken. The whole hike ended up being like a spiritual journey for me which was very worth the struggle.”
    Photo of rocky mountains with some snow, hikers standing in the foreground.
  • Runner up: “Dan” by Elena Doss (Spanish in the Dominican Republic). “Studying abroad forces us to step outside our comfort zones, and in doing that our world becomes bigger and brighter.”
    Photo of a student standing next to ruins with trees in the background.
  • One photo submission per student per category
  • The same photo may not be submitted to more than one category
  • Photos must have been taken during the program by the participant
  • Participants are only eligible to win one prize
  • Photos must be accompanied by a title and brief description (1-3 sentences) of the photo’s significance to the student
  • Participants must have participated on a 2016-2017 PCC/PSU study/work abroad program
  • The Education Abroad Office reserves the right to use the photo for marketing purposes
  • Photos must be the property of the contest participant and must not violate any intellectual property rights

Photo Exhibit

The Education Abroad Photo Contest winners and runner ups will be on exhibit at PCC!

Nov. 15-30: SE Great Hall
Dec. 1-15: SY Upper CC Mall
Jan. 2-16: RC Building 5
Jan. 17-32 CA SU second floor