Current Student Crowdfunding Sites

The Education Abroad Office provides support for PCC students who are creatively looking to fund their study abroad experience. The following students have put together crowdfunding campaigns to raise money. Help them if you can!

Amber French

Film Studies in Spain

To bring a close to my incredibly transformative time studying at PCC, I hope to earn the last of my credits while studying the films of director Pedro Almodovar by means of immersion in Spanish culture, participating in a course that will bring me to Madrid, Ciudad Real, and Barcelona. At this half way point of  completing my undergraduate degree, I aspire to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Creative Writing at Portland State University, and hope to proceed to earn a Master of Fine Art’s in Creative Writing as well. Traveling has always been one of my greatest sources of inspiration, and since the start of my educational journey, I have been both in school and employed full time simultaneously and unable to do much wandering, abroad or domestically. An opportunity to study abroad would prove to be an invaluable experience for my personal and educational growth.

Baibi Hollister

Peace and Conflict Studies in Japan and South Korea

I am a Portland Community College student who is just starting a journey in Inernational Studies. This opportunity to travel overseas to both Japan and S. Korea is unimaginable for me. As someone who is studying International Studies, this trip is not only going to be a personal experience, but an educational experience as well. As I’ve just started into this degree, this wonderful overseas experience will help me understand the cultures of East Asia.

Nhi Truong

Peace and Conflict in Japan and South Korea

Hi everyone. My name is Nhi and I am a freshman at Portland Community College. I’m writing this to raise money for my international trip to both Japan and South Korea to study Peace and Conflict. In this program, I will not only have the opportunity to learn how conflict can affect the society, but also to learn about people in the countries that I visit; their history, language, and cultures that are different from my own.  I am majoring in Education with a dream of becoming an academic advisor. In the future, I will be working in a school environment where I will meet and work with many students who come from all over the world with different backgrounds. I know that conflict is inevitable, and through this course of Peace and Conflict, I will gain skills and knowledge that will help me to deal with conflict in a peaceful way. This can be applied to my future professional environment and my life as a whole.

Noemi Gomez

Peace and Conflict In Japan and South Korea

My name is Noemi and I am a student at Portland Community College. I’m raising money for the Peace And Conflict Trip in Japan and Korea for June 2019. Being an aspiring high school counselor, I would like to gain a better understanding of all different cultures and backgrounds.

This study abroad trip can help tremendously by exposing me to a culture I honestly do not have much experience with. This is critical as Asian-Americans are the fastest growing minority in the United States and it is important to properly deal with their concerns as students while respecting their cultural values and background. I have personally become interested in Asian culture as I have taken Asian political science and philosophy classes. As a first-generation Hispanic college student, I understand that being mindful of cultural differences is critical to helping others handle obstacles. I want to become a school counselor because I enjoy helping others.  K-12 students are becoming more diverse and it is essential for counselors to gain cross-cultural communication skills to work with this population.

Lizet Gonzalez

Peace and Conflict in Japan and South Korea

My name’s Lizet Gonzalez and I’m a sophomore at Portland Community College. I’m lucky enough to have been offered the opportunity to study abroad in Japan and South Korea for a month this upcoming summer.  By taking this course, it’ll benefit me by having more knowledge of how different societies interact with each other and by learning more of how others have very different political views psychology-wise but as well as social.
This program will also benefit me by being more open-minded and just getting out of my comfort zone especially because the career I’ve decided on is nursing, pediatrician to be more exact.

Examples of Previous Crowd Funding Campaigns
Julisa Golden

Principles of Ecology in Australia

It has always been a dream of mine to study abroad, but I’ve never been able to muster the funds. This time I decided to face my fear of asking others for money and reach out to my community for help. A teacher of mine is taking a group of students to Australia for 3 weeks!

Jake Edgar

Sociology in Bolivia

In early January of this year I learned of a study abroad opportunity which would take me to a country I had only recently discovered. Not in the sense of knowing it existed, but rather, how it existed. How it was radically changing its political and social structure and that country was Bolivia. Since 2006 Evo Morales, the first Indigenous president in history, has made sweeping steps towards a true and beautiful form of equality, which rejects imperialism and places the needs of people, of all the people, first. I am truly an admirer of his work, and I hope to make this a life changing trip.

Emory Neer

Health, Food Systems, and the Environment in Cuba

My long term goal is to open up a non-profit that teaches kids how to grow their own food and manage stress in order to keep themselves healthy and combat the negative health outcomes that result from the hierarchies ingrained in our society. This program will provide an immersive, global learning environment for studying topics related to food supply, agriculture, the environment, and health in Cuba, looking at the differences in food supplies and systems and how they impact nutrition.

Jessica Miller

Principles of Ecology in Australia

When I decided to go to college after almost 20 years off, I never dreamed I would have the opportunity to study abroad! Well, opportunity knocked, and I answered, but it turns out studying abroad is not a cheap endeavor.

Amelia Shelly

Health, Food Systems, and the Environment in Cuba

We have the privilege of learning from many locals about Cuban agriculture, urban farming, healthcare and general nutrition. We will also stay at La Picadora community, listening to the work and wisdom of the Cuban people that has shaped a revolutionary approach to community, to health. I am so deeply excited about being accepted into this course and the many opportunities for learning and hands-on experience it provides.