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Scholarships for PSU Provider Programs

Many of the programs offered through PCC’s Co-Enrollment option with PSU offer scholarships for participants in their programs. Opportunities include:

  • Carpe Diem: Scholarships of up to several thousand dollars offered annually to PCC Future Connect students through the Carpe Mundi College Program.
  • CIEE: Gain Travel Grant ($750-$2,000 toward airfare); Gilman Go Global Grant (up to $2,500 toward program costs for qualified Gilman Scholarship applicants); various merit scholarships (up to $2,500 for academically high-acheiving students).
  • CIMBA: Merit-based awards ($250-$1,000 for semester, $100-$500 for summer), need-based awards ($250-$1,000 for semester, $100-$500 for summer), CIMBA Adversity Scholarship ($2,500 for semester, for students who are under-represented, LGBTQ, have disabilities, have veteran status, first generation, have never traveled outside of their home country).
  • DIS: Diversity scholarships (up to $1,000 for summer, $5,000 for semester for under-represented, LGBTQ, and first generation college students); DIS scholarships (up to $1,000 for summer, $5,000 for semester for students with high financial need).
  • GEO: Scholarship awards are available for students applying to GEO faculty-led programs and GEO Center programs. Awards range between $500 – $1,500.
  • IE3 Global: The IE3 Global Programs office offers scholarship awards to highly qualified candidates with financial need. The award is in the form of a $500 – $1,500 program fee reduction of an IE3 Global study abroad program fee.
  • IFSA-Butler: First Generation College Student Scholarship (up to $2,500 for students who are first-generation college students), Work-To-Study Grant ($300-$1,000 depending on scope and involvement of project completed).
  • Semester at Sea: Merit grant ($250-$2,500), need-based grants ($250-$10,000), Diversity Abroad Scholarship ($5,000 plus flights, students who are from diverse backgrounds will be given preference).
  • SIT: Pell Match Grants (for every student participating in a semester-length program who receives a Pell Grant, SIT awards a scholarship equal to the amount of the Pell Grant the student receives).
  • USAC: USAC has a variety of scholarships available for students participating in USAC study abroad programs. Some scholarships are program-specific, others are more general. USAC also offers the USAC Alliance Scholarship.