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Step 2: Course Review

We expect that our faculty dual credit liaisons will support our high school faculty by establishing a collegial relationship based on guidance and encouragement. Our liaisons will lead their high school partners through the alignment process, assuring that the course created for the high school will mirror that of an on-campus course. The schedule of learning activities and outcomes should line up directly with posted CCOGs (course content and outcome guide) for the department.

Relationship Building

  • To begin, introduce yourself to the newly approved high school faculty either over the phone or in person.
  • Review the course to be taught and discuss pertinent information about the department, course and the SAC.
  • Provide suggestions for resource information, access to texts and articles, and possible speakers and hands-on activities.
  • Share and discuss department CCOGs for the course.

Course Building (syllabus)

  • Make sure high school faculty have a copy of the course syllabus template. Contact the Dual Credit office for a current template if your high school faculty partner has not acquired one yet. Please update our office with any pertinent, department-specific changes to the template so it will be updated next time we need it.
  • Share copies of college syllabi (yours perhaps?) for the same course. This can be helpful to new teachers.
  • Review high school faculty’s rough drafts of the syllabus and work with them to make changes so that the syllabus meets expectations for the same course at the college.

Course Approval:

  • If the syllabus seems to align well with similar courses taught at the college, then notify the teacher and the Dual Credit office that the syllabus is approved and complete the “Dual Credit Syllabus Approval Form” (SAF). All syllabi for new courses should be approved by September 1st, at the latest.
  • Fill out the course approval form provided on the Dual Credit Website and/or by our office and turn it into Dual Credit office. This form will be confirmed and noted as your official syllabus approval.

PCC Dual Credit Syllabi

In compliance with the Educational Advisory Committee (EAC) Rules and Oregon State Dual Credit Standards, all PCC courses must have a syllabus on record for each class taught.

It is required that all HIhg School Dual Credit Faculty submit a syllabus annually (by September 1st) for all articulating courses. It is also required that you inform the Dual Credit office of your articulated course offerings (teaching schedule for Dual Credit classes). CRNs will not be published, and students will be unable to register until the Dual Credit office has received the updated syllabus for the course.

Syllabi Templates

All high school Dual Credit Faculty should be using a PCC syllabus template for your course. This contains all of the PCC required information, as well as federally required statements such as ADA and Title IX. Email dualcredit@pcc.edu to request a template for your course(s).

Syllabi Submission

If you have a continuing PCC Dual Credit Articulation Agreement that was activated in previous years, you simply need to update the dates of your course and submit. If your course content has changed, you must resubmit for approval, as the contract with PCC is based on the specific syllabus originally approved. Please let us know if this is the case so that we can send your syllabus to the appropriate PCC faculty as soon as possible.

Syllabi can be sent via email to dualcredit@pcc.edu.