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Step 1: Instructor Qualification Review

High school faculty interested in articulating with PCC must provide the PCC Dual Credit Program office with:

  • A copy of their college transcripts (note: web transcripts are not acceptable).
  • A current detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV), or resume.
  • Career & Technical Education faculty should also include a detailed work history summary of related industry experience.

Submit the required documentation to dualcredit@pcc.edu

The Division Dean will decide if the candidate meets the posted qualifications necessary (high school faculty is not employees of PCC, and therefore do not have the same competitive hiring practices as on-campus faculty). High school faculty must meet one of the qualification options listed on the Instructor Approval Form (at left) OR they might instead meet “Unposted Demonstrated Competency”, which is at the Dean’s Discretion.

The PCC Division Dean will review and (if approved) sign the Instructor Approval Form (IAF). The IAF will then route to the PCC Dean of Instruction (DOI) for review and approval. If the DOI approves through Provisional or Demonstrated Competency (when criteria have not been defined in the Instructor Qualifications), then the PCC Vice President of Academic Affairs will need to approve as well.

When documents are returned to the Dual Credit office the high school faculty will be notified by their Dual Credit Coordinator. Next, step 2: the course review process (upon submission of their Dual Credit syllabus).

New Faculty Approval Timeline

High school faculty who are interested in establishing an articulation with PCC to grant credit for the next academic year need to have their required documents submitted the PCC Dual Credit office no later than April. Any requests received after April will be placed in an approval queue for the following academic year.