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Fingers on the starting line for a race track Ready, Set, Go! But when? 2
Guest writer Jennifer Ward shares why she opens her class early. Posted February 20, 2017
Regional OER Conference coming to PCC
OER Regional Conferences: Registration Open – for immediate release Be a champion! Use open resources to reduce student costs Open […] Posted February 10, 2015
closed sign Space, time, learning and support 2
Distance students take courses more because of time than because of distance. Serving these students means finding new models for support. Posted August 4, 2014
Accessibility Handbooks Available!
Get a handy guide for making accessible content for your online course. Posted January 28, 2014
Publishers and the (in)accessibility of their online materials
Educational content must be accessible to all students. What does accessible mean, and what questions should I ask my publisher? Posted November 18, 2013
Preview of MyPCC Common Login screen. Direct login to Desire2Learn is here!
Faculty can now log directly in to Desire2Learn using your MyPCC username and password – just in time for Fall […] Posted September 20, 2013