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Distance Learning Faculty Video Camp

Distance learning faculty – get paid to create video for your course!

Distance learning faculty:

Do you have a video presentation you’ve been wanting to create for your distance education course, but you’re not sure where to begin and/or would like design and production assistance?

Apply for Video Camp!

Present your ideas to us by the due date for each term’s Video Camp- the calendar is below. We select a pool of applicants from the project ideas you submit to help you bring your ideas to life, from scriptwriting and storyboarding on through production and post-editing.

PCC Video Camp Calendar

How to apply:

Fill our our open application form available year round at pcc.edu/videocamp by Monday 8:00 a.m. of the tenth week of the term. Each term during week ten we evaluate all submissions and return communication to applicants by Friday of week eleven. If your project is selected we will offer funding to pay you for your subject area expertise, and provide services and staff to support you through each step of the experience. Your video idea should be no more than ten minutes in length and directly support an objective in your curriculum. Want to submit an idea as a faculty team? Preference will be given to video projects that include multi-faculty or multi-discipline teams. Have more than one idea? Feel welcome to submit as many ideas as you have.

When writing your project proposal, please include the following:

  • What are the subject area and instructional concepts covered?

  • Who are the faculty involved?

  • Is this presentation imagined as being filmed on location, or in a studio? (It’s OK if you’re not sure, we can help you decide.)

  • How long will this project be used? Preference is given to projects with longevity- those that will be used for more than one academic year.

Want help?

For ideas and inspiration, check out:
• A full selection of projects produced by PCC’s in-house Video Production Unit
(the inspiration for PCC’s Video Camp; these CGCC videos were created with the assistance of PCC video producer Michael Annus)

If you would like assistance getting started or thinking of an idea prior to writing your proposal, please contact Michael Annus on our video production team, or multimedia developer Monica Marlo in Distance Learning. We like to be in contact with you as early as possible in the process to help support your successful production’s development.

Please note: all media created through this process is creative commons licensed.

How will you be notified?

If your project is selected to participate, we will contact you by the notification date for the term which you have applied to let you know, discuss your project’s scope and budget, and work with you on the next steps of creating your project.

 For any general questions about this project proposal, please contact Monica Marlo.