Portland Community College | Portland, Oregon

Course development questionnaire

Course overview and introduction

  1. Have I provided a syllabus for students, in which I’ve included all necessary elements as required by the college?
  2. Have I provided my students with an overview of the course, in a document such as the syllabus or a course introduction or orientation?
  3. Have I provided my students with a schedule for the course?
  4. Have I indicated what my students should do first, with an area in my course titled something like “Read Me First” or “Start Here”? Will my students know where to go from there and how to best navigate the class website?
  5. Have I introduced myself to my students?
  6. Have I required my students to introduce themselves to the class?
  7. Have I clearly posted my contact information and the best way to reach me?
  8. Have I explained what my teaching schedule will be like and how often I will be active in the class and responding to students?
  9. Have I explained to my students how often they need to be active in the class to be successful?
  10. Have I clearly explained online etiquette expectations and the way I will communicate with students, such as through course email and discussions?
  11. Have I explained any applicable technical requirements to my students, such as what types of attachments they will need to send?

Assessment and measurement

  1. Have I clearly explained the course grading policy?
  2. Have I explained the types of assessments that will be used in the class, such as term papers, essays, journals, discussions, and quizzes?
  3. Have I provided clear assessment tools, such as a scoring guide, grade description, or rubric, if applicable?
  4. Have I explained to students how frequently I will provide feedback on various course assignments, such as discussions, journals, homework, and essay drafts?
  5. Have I explained to students where I will post their grades, so they can check on their progress?

Learner engagement

  1. Have I set up course activities that foster interaction, such as discussions, peer review, or collaborative projects?
  2. Have I explained to students how often and in what way they are expected to participate in these activities?
  3. Have I designed the course and its activities to include both my own frequent interaction with students and their their frequent interaction with each other?

 Learning objectives

  1. Have I included in my course materials the Course Outcomes as they are presented in the Course Outcome Guide (COG)?
  2. Have I included examples of course activities as described in the Course Outcome Guide so that students can see our class activities and how they relate to the Course Outcomes?

Resources and materials

  1. Do my course materials match my course outcomes?  Do my materials provide the depth and breadth my students will need to meet these outcomes?
  2. Are my course materials organized in a meaningful sequence that fits the Course Outcome Guide?
  3. Have I cited sources that I didn’t create, such as images or videos?

 Course technology

  1. Have I used tools available online that will enhance my students’ learning experience, such as discussions or media?
  2. If I am requiring technologies or resources students will need to use, have I provided these or made them easily downloadable or accessible?

 Learner support

  1. Does my class website clearly display a link to technical support and include contact information for the help desk?
  2. Have I provided students with information about support services and academic support, such as writing centers, including contact information?


  1. Have I included the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) statement and contact information in my syllabus?
  2. Do my course materials have another means of access for the visually or hearing impaired, such as equivalent textual representation of images?
  3. Are the links on my course pages clearly and meaningfully described?  Will my students understand what the links are for?
  4. Are my course webpage and materials “readable” in terms of effective font, color, and spacing?


Created by Angela Berdahl, Portland Community College, Rock Creek English Dept. Chair