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Best practices

Picture of variety of yummy ice cream The various flavors of course development
Explore the different course development options at PCC Posted March 13, 2017
John Hinman Communication is key when it comes to serving students with disabilities 1
John Hinman talks about best practices for working with visual impairments in online classes. Posted March 6, 2017
Instructor writing on glass Project Learning Glass
Learning Glass is available for instructor requests. Learn more about Learning Glass at PCC. Posted February 27, 2017
Fingers on the starting line for a race track Ready, Set, Go! But when? 2
Guest writer Jennifer Ward shares why she opens her class early. Posted February 20, 2017
a red flag Send a Course Progress Notification (CPN) 3
Use the Course Progress Notification (CPN) to give students an early alert to their course progress. Posted February 18, 2017
Pulse screen capture Make your class activities Pulse friendly
You can make some small changes in your online class to make it more mobile-friendly Posted February 13, 2017
Microsoft Office Mix Logo Creating media with Office Mix
Office Mix is another easy way to create media for your online class. Posted February 7, 2017
Best practice: get help with media
Here╩╗s a quick annotated list of resources for finding and creating media for your courses at PCC. Posted January 31, 2017
video recording using phone Short videos improve instructor presence – part II
In my last blog post: Short videos improve instructor presence – Part I, I talked about three simple options you […] Posted January 23, 2017
adding new content Other ways to display content in D2L
Peter shares how to link to a Google Doc in Content. Posted January 17, 2017