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It’s summer, and time to play!

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The annual Desire2Learn Fusion conference is coming up next week, and this year’s schedule includes sessions on Gamification and game-based learning. If you haven’t yet been exposed to these hot topics, Gamification is the use of game mechanics in instructional design to engage and motivate learners, and game based learning (GBL) is the use of games as curriculum materials. Games used can be commercial off-the-shelf titles or custom developed for a subject area.

For a brief overview, take a look at this infographic below on Gamification  sourced by Knewton from information at gamification.org and from MIT’s Education Arcade.  For an excellent introduction on using Gamification and some best practices to consider, check out these three posts from the ASTD blog by Karl Kapp, Instructional Technology faculty at Bloomsburg University:

If you’re a PCC faculty member interested in using Gamification or game based learning in your curriculum, or you already incorporate any of these strategies into your online teaching practice, connect with me! as an Immedgineer, I’m especially interested in harnessing the seductive engagement of gaming experiences as a tool for self improvement.

Remember, you can always follow what’s happening at Fusion by using Twitter and searching for the #D2LFUSION hashtag. Need help with hashtags? Here’s help on hashtags from Twitter.
Gamification Infographic

Created by Knewton and Column Five Media



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