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Keeping in touch with your online class using Notifications

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Subscribe to Topic button in D2L activates Notifications for the Discussion topic.Many of us love learning and teaching online because of the flexibility that modern technology can offer. You can be anywhere in the world and work on your class in day or nighttime.

Keeping in touch with your class activities and not being logged into your D2L account is easy with Notifications.  By selecting an appropriate setting you can choose amount of updates you get while you are offline.

Have you ever explored Notifications?  Notifications can be found  in the upper right corner, under the Action Menu next to your name on D2L page.

Find Notifications page in the upper right corner, under the Action Menu next to your name on D2L page.

Notifications is a feature of Desire2Learn that allows you to receive a periodic summary of activity, or instant notifications as things happen in your course. You can receive them as text messages on your phone or by email if that suits you best.

You can receive Notifications  as text messages on your phone or by emailIf you like to receive a summary of activities in your course, Desire2Learn will ask you about time when you’d like that summary to be sent to you. This feature can really help you to plan your work schedule.

Notifications can be very useful for your students and help keep them engaged with the class. Many students appreciate the option of getting a message once a grade is received,  a News item is updated, or a reminder about a Quiz end date. Please encourage your students to use notifications at the beginning of your class with a News item or have a topic in the introduction module or your Syllabus.

Instructors find it very useful getting notified of new posts in online discussions. Once you select this option on the Notifications page, proceed to your Discussions area and find the Subscribe button on the right from every topic or thread in your list of discussions.

 Subscribe button is located on the right from every topic in your list of discussions.

While you may decide that being notified on every discussion post is not necessary, a good practice would be to subscribe to instant notifications from Student Q & A topic. This way you will instantly know that one of your students have a question and need your help.


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x by Peter Seaman 2 years ago

Hi Andrei: I’m a huge fan of discussion subscription! I used it for years in Moodle before D2L got on the bandwagon. Subscription is especially useful if you have a “help” topic or forum, where students report issues or problems in the course. You can subscribe to that topic and get an e-mail immediately when a student reports an issue – and address the issue immediately and not have to wait to log in to your course to find out about it. Thanks. – Peter

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