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Posted in May 2014

Are students reading your quiz feedback?
Do you spend a good deal of time evaluating student responses and leaving constructive feedback? Do your students express their gratitude for you feedback? Posted May 28, 2014
Keeping in touch with your online class using Notifications 1
Keeping in touch with your class activities without being logged into your Desire2Learn account is easy with Notifications. By selecting an appropriate setting you can choose the type and amount of updates you receive. Posted May 27, 2014
Tweet of biology video list Looking for subject area media? Search Twitter for #YouTube 2
Use a twitter hashtag search to find relevant media for your online courses. Posted May 19, 2014
Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014
Distance Ed (and others) are celebrating Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2014. Posted May 15, 2014
Making the most of publisher content 2
Finding a text with great ancillaries was a win for me in creating a content rich course and a win for my students in their ability to successfully complete the course. Posted May 12, 2014
picture of person thinking An opportunity for self-reflection
Use the QM Self Review tool to reflect on your course design. Posted May 5, 2014