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Using the Wiris equation editor in D2L

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There have been many changes in Java to address security over the last year that have made the standard graphical equation editor inside Desire2Learn very difficult for students and faculty to use. The good news is that the upgrade to 10.3 this June will permanently replace this aging graphical editor. Unfortunately, the upgrade is still several months away. If you rely on the graphical equation editor, here is a work around that may help you create equations until the new version arrives.

Using the WIRIS equation editor to post equations in Desire2Learn

This is the step by step instructions for using the WIRIS equation editor as an alternate way to post math equations in Desire2Learn (D2L). You will need to use a browser that supports multiple tabs or multiple windows. You will need to switch between pages to use the WIRIS equation editor and paste the generated code back in to your D2L course.

  1. Open a new browser tab or window  and load the WIRIS equation editor
  2. Create your math equation in the WIRIS editor using the graphical interface at the top and keyboard input
  3. Select the generated code in the area marked LaTex, and Copy it via either right click and selecting copy, OR using ctrl + C, OR command + C on Mac
  4. In the Desire2Learn compose window, ensure Advanced is selected and click on the Insert Equation button
  5. Click the drop-down menu under Math Input Format and select LaTeX, then click the Apply button
  6. Make sure you enter a title for your equation
  7. Paste the equation into the yellow LaTeX Equation text area via either right click and selecting paste, OR ctrl + V, OR command + V on a Mac
  8. Click the Refresh Preview button to get a preview of the equation in the lower grey preview area
  9. Click the Insert button and Post button to send your message as normal

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